Looking Along the River Bank

Looking Along the River Bank

strong , lively , interesting , I like it - eye catcher or keeper.

There is a lovely freshness to it Barry, delightful watercolour style.

Thank you Mike and Alan I think I have achieved what I set out to do one of my paintings but with the influence of the original artist.

I recognised this as one yours from the gallery image. Lovely watercolour sky, full of light and good strong tones in the landscape below, as Mike has said, definitely a winner!

Great flow and movement Barry. Love it.

Beautiful loose and confident style, Barry, your watercolours have a great freshness.

A really lovely painting in such a free style.

Like it Barry and I love John Hoar's casual style. Nice work.

Less is more as demonstrated here. A lovely watery flowing landscape, lots to admire.

Truly beautiful and serene Barry!

Many thanks to all of you that have made such wonderful comments.

Lovely fluid warercolour Barry well done , looks great.

Really love this, Barry, the sky is stunning!

It looks really good Barry.

Thank you Dennis, Thalia and Margaret for such lovely comments.

This is a belter Barry! It’s beautifully fresh and clean.

Beautifully subtle palette, Barry, that works from top to bottom. Wonderfully serene and loaded with atmosphere and mood. There's something in the air. Great work! Bri

Exceptional Barry wonderful sky.

Thank you Diana, Brian and Fiona for making such wonderful comments.

What a lovely water colour

This is lovely Barry. It’s a style I really like and it has inspired me to try to achieve something like it. My first attempt didn’t turn out well but I will keep practising. It’s not easy, I keep overpainting but I enjoy the process. If I ever paint something in this style I am happy with I will post it.

Thank you Lynn.

Thank you Janet, please feel free to copy, I know this is easy to say but try and get your washes right first time to avoid overpainting. I usually use two washes followed by some dry brush but admit to often getting it wrong so don’t despair as I am sure you will get there in the end.

What a great dramatic sky Barry, a super watercolour.

Thank you Val it was one of those skies that worked which s not always the case.

Barry have had an enjoyable morning looking at your galleries. I see you have posted some pen and wash but your watercolours have a lovely freshness which I admire. I like the vertical reflection straight hard edges. I remember Steve using similar shapes.

Hi Alan it gives me pleasure to think you have enjoyed looking at my gallery, I still have a long way to go before I reach a standard anywhere near that of Steve. Talking of which I have a painting selected for exhibition at Patchings festival and I am going with him on the Sunday. We were hoping to meet up with Richard but he can only make the Saturday, probably best as it would have been a noisy affair!!!!

I am sure John Hoar would be proud of you with this one I also spent a day with John many years ago When we painted Monmouth town centre

Thank you John a master of his craft in my opinion and I do hope I will be able to attend another session with him at sometime in the future.

Hang on Studio Wall

A couple of years ago I watched John Hoar paint this scene and thought I would have a go. I have not copied his painting as I wanted it to be my interpretation and have used a photo of the actual scene but I have been influenced by his approach.

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