Up on the Moors

Up on the Moors

like the variations in the greens - cool to warm and the red does act as a counterbalance. Bad weather obviously has its compensations - we had full sun and I didn't get near a paintbrush.

Your doodle turned out so well Barry, super colours and your shadows are spot on. A beautiful painting.

Thank you Mike with freezing rain forecast the studio seems a good place but when the sun shines unless I am painting outside I tend to put my brushes down and enjoy.

Thank you Margaret I sometimes think that making shadows up works better than copying from life, as long as you follow the rules of course.

Worked out beautifully Barry. Love the flurry of clouds and the sunlit road.

A beauty Barry yes your shadow work is always convincing and adds so much to distance etc and you do them so well and I love the houses

Yep, freezing rain down here, too. It's definitely a stay indoors day. How I'd like to be strolling down the lane in your beautiful painting. Art can be an escape in more ways than one. Great imagination.

Thank you Carole, Dennis and Lewis, it’s a relief that you all seem convinced by the shadows, I could have backed myself into a corner with my reply to Margaret.

I always reckon the best paintings are the happy accidents. Your painting has that free fresh look and a piece of work that flowed off the brush.

Thank you Stephen, I cannot disagree as that is exactly how it happened.

Love that one Barry - beautiful. Particularly light the light/shadows on the road and the glorious sky.

What a wonderful escape from this awful weather Barry, a glorious watercolour. I am about to try and replicate the view from my kitchen window of how gloomy and wet it is here...I think there will be quite a bit of grey in it!

That 's a very authentic scene with rolling hills, to say it's from your imagination. As others have said, the convincing shadows add to it.

Interesting scene, freely painted - lovely Barry

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What a miserable day, felt like painting something a bit brighter. This started of as a bit of a doodle with me playing around with an imaginary landscape into which I added a few farm buildings and a road and hey presto a painting developed.

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