And Vincent Joined in the Challenge!

And Vincent Joined in the Challenge!

That was quick, Alan! Lovely lively interpretation. (Wasn't a robin mentioned?)

Very Van Gogh, I like it Alan.

Quick Off the marks of van Gough, love it Alan.. I m still wondering where to leave room for the robin plumes. Lol.

Love your impasto brush marks and the cheerful, bright colours Alan. Great little painting.

Lovely energetic mark-making, Alan!

Thanks guy's, it's just a bit of fun, enjoyable though! A Robin, oh yes it did mention one, I'll have to wait a month for this to dry before adding him in.

A great start to the April challenge, love your interpretation of it, very Vincent like 🎨🎨🎨

I love Van Gogh, your use of the swirls and colour is so effective

Love your take on Vincent Alan and this is the definitely the poem but in paint.

A very interesting one Alan! Love the texture.

Well done Vincent.....🌻

Just got back from Tenerife to see the April challenge has begun and isn't this painting a beauty! I really like the colours, textures and composition here. The interlocking shapes form a lovely design and although it's Vincent inspired, it's definitely a Bickley. Well done Alan.

Hang on Studio Wall

My offering for the POL April poem challenge. Just a quickie to start things off. A super poem which inspired plenty of ideas, should be an interesting one! A tiny oil on board 24 x 30cm.

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