Provence Village

Provence Village

Lovely Alan with the lovely buildings nestled in the hills yet another beauty Alan

Alan ,excellent again love the loose and graphic mix the picture has an attractive post impressionist look and again like the use of complimentary colours David Harrison

Expressive and lively, Alan - your objectives achieved,great colours, super end result

Super experimentation with media Alan and it's turned out good.

Great to see a fellow artist experimenting with various mediums and techniques , I to have gone through a block and frustrating and all as it is the only way for me is to play about with paint like a child until the dreaded block dissipates ...... The minute I spied this piece I thought of Cezanne , I love the joyous colour and boldness of technique

Very bold and exciting work, Alan. And I can't see a paw mark anywhere!! Hope Lilly is fine...Does she watch you painting? I'll bet she does.

Cezanne instantly came into my mind when I saw this Alan! Love all the different marks and textures you've created. I would love to have a go at just 'going for it'........I would think this kind of style and use of mixed media would get you through a starvation period of inspiration. Could you give me a few tips?

Alan,so lively & joyful.

Wow, a totally different genre for you Alan, but it has a real endearing quality to it. Agree with David a post impressionist feel to it, really nice way to rid oneself of the dreaded block.

Great colours Alan, and a change of style.

Thanks all once again, I keep trying to come up with different ideas, and your comments are always appreciated. Not a paw mark in sight Ruth, but Lilly (Blue Whippet) does watch me, actually she never leaves my side.

Another superlative piece, Alan. I love the palette, the wonderful contrast of fine lines and scribbles and bold shapes. Stunning!

I really like the dynamic in this one. As has been said, it's very French!

Hang on Studio Wall

15 x 11in, mixed media onSaunder's watercolour board. The usual oil paint, oil pastels with turps, graphite and marker pens, still experimenting with techniques to produce lively and expressive sketching, after a bout of 'painters block'.

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