Revamp of Sennen Cove.

Revamp of Sennen Cove.

So it jolly well should receive even more great's gorgeous, Alan. Even more recession now the sky is more defined...always a difficult decision, eh? And the orange against the blue is simply magic. It is SO evocative for me especially of Sennen...nostalgic!

Just enough house's not to distract and overpower, really like the revamp, 😀

I liked the original very much and like the revamp even better. Defining the sky more really works, also love the orange against the blue.

Like the style and colour, Alan

It's fine work, Alan. I've had another look at the first version, I liked the sky in that. It's fine in this, but you've effectively given us two options...I think I prefer the first, to me the horizon looked more far away. Maybe it's because you have a few more warmer tones in the sky here. I think there are also darker tones around the pier, but that may be due to the vagaries of photography. You've still got that heat-haze effect that I admired. So, two excellent versions. As far as the sky goes I'm edging towards the first...but I seem to be in the minority.

Perfect! Just right now Alan ;)

Thanks once again, it's never easy (usually boring) commenting on the same piece twice so I do appreciate it. Lew, I do take your point on the sky, I had the same thought's myself and will probably go and change it back, but making just a slight differential on the horion. I did add a few more colours to the water near the breakwater as you do! I've done a couple more Sennen Cove oils from the same source, which I will post in the next day or so.

Excellent Alan. Blue and Orange always works.

Love these colours, Alan! Yummy!

I liked the first one, Alan, but I also like this one. I’m seeing them as two different interpretations of the same scene.

I prefer the addition of the houses Alan.

Looks great, Alan, The extra house suggest more of an introduction into the scene. Great colours.

It’s a question of what the artist is looking for really Alan. What can I say? It’s a distinctive Bickley, and a good one.

Good to see where the sea ends and the sky begins!

Great revamp - altho the original was pretty special too, Alan.

Beautiful view, Alan. I like the few details you added.

I am with Lewis! However, both are excellent. It's all a question of taste/preference.

I love this one, Alan. Slightly abstractish...if there is such a word. Fabulous colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

I hate putting on revamps but I will anyway as a few of you asked.. Made the sky a different colour to the sea so the horizon is distinguishable. Also added or loosely indicated a few more small houses, hopefully not detracted from the original too much, which received some great comments.

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