Drypoint Etching - For Fiona

Drypoint Etching - For Fiona

Yes mark making is what its about. Has a windy feel about it Alan.

I'm not familiar with drypoint etching Alan but your subject matter looks really good to me, it also looks very intricate.😀

Thanks John and Linda. This is not a good print and a definite reject, not crisp enough and again a bit smeary in place. I've posted it as an example for Fiona, who I am helping sort a few etching issues out via email - not the easiest way to be able to help someone.

Great to see. I have had a mini obsession about drypoint this weekend, but I would need a press. Just out of interest, how many prints can you get? I know it depends on the plate. Also, how would you number them and would it be a different run if you changed colour? ... and tools?

Thanks Gudrun. This was on clear Perspex and I did a run of just 10, which incidentally all sold locally as a set of 4 different views. You can get around 25 or so, but of course that crisp incised line will depreciate. I number them 1/10 and so on. I've never changed colour but I would still continue with the original numbering as it is the same plate and edition run. If you alter the plate, as in adding different marks, that can't be added to the edition and should be a separate print run.

Really interested in this technique, but doubt I'd have the patience, let alone the skill to achieve anything!

Really like this, and also I don't have any knowledge of this medium. Must investigate !

Thank you Alan. Most helpful. When you say perspex is it thin or thick?

I've had a look at Jackson's. Food for thought as always Alan. My mind is whirring in a good way!

Gudrun, generally I use around 2mm but you can go thinner. Anything too thick can hinder or even damage the top roller if the pressure is not spot on when it starts its pass across the plate. Jackson's have some good printing stuff, the best one I find is Intaglio Printmakers in London, they've got the lot. See my feature article for details of the best presses and so on.

I got the plate that use for my monotypes from Intaglio Printmakers in London. I was impressed both with the product and service. I also read your information on presses when you posted it. I decided to hang fire with a press as I wanted to go large and the budget would be too large for a big press. I manage 50x70cm with my hand roller, but that is probably because it is a montype and I am quite particular when I roll. Perhaps etching and hand roller would be too ambitious. I note that Intaglio stipulate a press for their 'starter pack' for drypoint. Experience is worth listening to to avoid disappointment I think.

Thank you very much for this example Alan, as always, a great help to see what’s being explained. There are a good range of marks, depths and thicknesses, the use of the gritted paper in the sky is effective. You’ve achieved some lovely contour lines, I like those. As you have seen, I’ve done a couple but I have a long way to go......the press is brilliant!

Hang on Studio Wall

Image 7 x 9in of a local landmark. This is a reject for obvious reasons, but is to show Fiona the different mark making that you can achieve.

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