Rye Harbour 2 - Impression. (Revamp)

Rye Harbour 2 - Impression. (Revamp)

Tough question as the focus seems to have shifted from the landscape to the boat and figure. I did like the original, despite the old pier being a bit of a barrier. It's a shame you didn't take a picture without the pier but before the boat. But these are petty criticisms, this is splendid and stands well in its own right.

I think it looks marvellous. Lovely colours and the added sparkle on the sea really adds to the atmosphere.

Yes I like it Alan good move. You have a lovely zig zag of red leading up to the houses/pier.

It’s a bit over cooked Alan, picture post card like now. Your an artist now and a very good one, not a commercial abvertiser anymore. Lol. Well that’s my though.

I did think the other one chopped the picture in half a bit but Im very weak composition wise. This one has opened up nicely and the eyes go to the figure first then round to the right and towards the jetty. I prefer this though I wouldn’t have even thought of the composition if you hadn’t mentioned it.

A definite improvement in my opinion Alan, as the pier did create a barrier. I tend to agree with Tony that the boat and figure are now a very strong focus and wonder if toning them down might improve the overall effect. Still a very fine painting.

I like both but think I prefer this one without the pier. Love the sparkle on the sea and the colours, especially the touches of red.

O dear with all these thoughts you are only going to be confused Alan. doh.

I think you were right to remove the pier, it was an ugly barrier. I'm not sure about the boat, it's almost in the centre of the painting and tends to dominate...a bull's eye effect. Perhaps moving it and toning down the colour a little would be better. Or maybe no boat at all, with perhaps something else in the left foreground...people, whatever. But that's me being nit-picky because you asked what we thought. It remains a great improvement over the version with the barrier, and is excellent as it stands. It benefits from your unique style, which I admire.

You've opened it up nicely Alan. it's worked out well!

Thanks all for some interesting observations. Good or bad, this is what the gallery is about, we all need help at some time or other. I did purposely centre the boat Lew, I'm not a rigid third's man, but it may be a touch prominent, I could tone it down using the blues which are predominant in the painting. I'll see what other comments come in first - that's if I get any more of course, then I'll make a decision. These are only quick 60 minute or so oil sketches, It's sometimes better to move on to other work (which I have), rather than linger too long on these. They are done mainly as a possible starting point for larger canvasses at a later date, when we can't get outside in the winter.

I didn't hate the pier but the boat looks better, I like this splash of warm colour though it does rather make this the focal point, the sparkle on the water is nice and the light appearing as twilight is interesting too.

Okay, I've toned the boat down, introduced some of the redish boat colour to the bank which makes it look less isolated, a bit of shadow on the figure and it is better, thank you.

Much better Alan, the previous bright boat did niggle a bit. I've think you've now cracked it, in my humble opinion 😊

Great composition, love the z wandering through and the understated detail

Nice work Alan looks nice area , Karl Terry paints down there

Version 3 with the toned down boat is the best for me.

I do prefer this version but I'm not sure that the boat is in the right spot, maybe further away to the left!

A fantastic transformation Alan, it’s added so much more to the whole scene changing that part of the composition. Terrific!

Alan, I think the boat's a little too big and too central. If it were mine - and it's not- For balance, I would have the boat moved down more to the left, on the diagonal , allowing the eye to go through. Still very good tho'.

I think it's much better now. Curiously, in the previous version, the boat looked much more prominent in the thumbnail...slightly less when opening the larger image. I thought the reds on the boat were enhancing the reds in the background, it's all much better balanced now. (This is where the medium helps, I can seldom make such alterations in watercolour.)

I like the sprinkling of shimmer in your paintings. It brings them to life.

Posted on Tue 20 Mar 08:57:20

Some interesting comments, thank you so much. I've settled on this version now, there is always room for improvement but I have moved on with other projects.

I like that you dotted some warm around...amazing how by toning the boat down the whole light changes (it appears less twilight and more daytime now, or is that my imagination?) I second that in an ideal world the boat would be off centre but its not a biggie, it still works IMO.

Looks good to me.

Hang on Studio Wall

12 x 20 oil on board. Eventually decided to remove the old wooden pier and replace it with a Rye trawler. Also deleted the two figures and spiced up the sparkle on the water very slightly. I think it looks better, what do you think?

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