London Vista and the Thames.

London Vista and the Thames.

Love the actual mark making here Alan and of course, your trademark whites!

Scintillating work Alan, hope you work it up and show us.

Thanks Louise and Derek, yes, it is indeed the nucleus for a large 4 foot canvas, but more work and ideas will have to be developed first.

Yes very atmospheric Alan, I like the hazy blue and the white sheen on the Thames.

Well achieved atmosphere thanks to the limited palette,I think, Alan.

In your hands a limited palette and a concise stroke work quite well. Together with "Tugs on the Thames at Tilbury" and "Barry Docks, South Wales", this "London Vista and the Thames" composes a very intriguing triptych. I feel like I'm promoting this style; nevertheless your more detailed landscapes (e.g., The Blue Peter Inn, Polperro") are also interesting. Finally, your "Self portrait 1985" is very well done.

Lovely Alan, wonderful colouring, it works very well indeed.

Great work Alan you always delight the viewer

Wonderful jumble of shapes, lines and marks Alan.

Great piece Alan, terrific all round,but the Thames steals the show for me.

Thanks everyone for constructive comments, appreciated as always.

I particularly like the foreground of this lovely vista.

Hang on Studio Wall

10 x 8in watercolour on my own tinted paper, just playing around in the studio with a very limited palette, looking for an atmospheric impression of the scene which I hope I've managed to capture.

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