Low Tide - Near Porthmadog

Low Tide - Near Porthmadog

Another good one Alan. personally I would have moved the marker a little to the right, but that's why we are different! Keep up the good work.

Lovely work on the sky Alan, not overworked.

A wonderful sky Alan, the patter of clouds add interest in my view. I do like your colours.

It is the sort of area that one goes to look at around sunset, then see the skies darken dramatically, you certainly have caught that feeling beautifully . well done Alan

I like this and all of the work contained in your very impressive gallery.

Strong painting. Like the colour. A little Fred Cuming like. Great Alan !

The 'chocolate box' problem is a real one - but I think we can worry too much about avoiding it, and that it's a comment that some can pass too easily (i.e. a gallery owner said that of one of mine: to my great annoyance - I wasn't surprised to discover later that she was a councillor, and a well-known idiot, and I'd love to say that to her face: now where was I?). Yes.... well I think you've totally avoided chocolate boxy impressions here, and that you always do - the marker is, as Peter remarks, dead centre - but in this case I think breaking the 'rules' has worked, because it's like a sentinel, even a warning of the dangers of the landscape lying ahead - and it works in the picture as a whole because of the strong sky and deep tones of the foreground.

I can't imagine you doing anything 'chocolate boxy' Alan. The sky is gorgeous, the whole painting is a perfect impression of the moment. Whatever you do it never fails to impress.

Wonderfully painted Alan - that sky is great

A really big thank you for what was an hour or so in the studio yesterday, yes, I do work very fast I know that but I can't stand any fiddling around which I have been guilty of in the past. I do take all of your comments on board, Robert has probably hit the nail on the head regarding my conscious effort to exactly centre the marker, rules can be broken if it helps the composition but that will always be a controversy of course. Roeland, if only one could come close to the fabulous work of Fred Cuming, thank you for your comment. I was going to thank each of you individually but there was such a good response I opted out of that one.

There's a sparkle to this Alan. The colours of the sky, dark foreground and that speck of red work well.

Another lovely painting Alan.

Just beautiful Alan.

I think you caught a great evening atmosphere, Dennis, and the sky is superb.

Your sky is always so good Alan with some beautiful colours, I like the tiny splash of red in the middle.

Very well done Alan, love the sky and indeed the overall painting,

Very effective, Alan

The sky is stunning Alan.

A very atmospheric landscape. I love your impressionistic style - beautiful! Thank you so much for commenting on my still life Alan, very appreciated.

Thank you all once again, I always appreciate the time given to look at my work.

Great work Alan, love the colours

Well I think it is great and as I am unaware of rules I have no problem with the red!

It's not the red, Gudrun, it's the white marker in the foreground - that breaks the rules: but as it works, the rules don't matter in this case. You can break them if you know what you're doing, as Alan does.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on prepared MDF, 20 x 20in. A studio painting with reference from my sketch book watercolour notes made on a recent trip around the Lleyn Peninsular. Not easy to capture these evening skies without overworking them, they can soon end up like the top of a box of chocolates, perhaps a bit more red would be acceptable, I may have another go at it. The centred depth marker was intentional.

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