The Path Through the Woods - Cannock Chase

The Path Through the Woods - Cannock Chase

Ooo....luscious darks Alan and wonderful wet in wet washes. I know I've said this before but I DO love your pen work, it's so free and relaxed. Can I ask if you have a plan or idea before you make the mark, or do you just dash a mark here and there with no real thought? I'm interested because when I do twigs and grasses I just scibble without any thoughts of the mark I'm making, but that's probably why mine don't look anything like your stunning caligraphy.

Beautiful and atmospheric Alan.

Thanks for that Fiona, always good to hear your comments. I'll digest all that and come back to you tomorrow on this page! Alan

Lovely Alan - love the rich colours and the dark tones.

Okay Fiona, here we go!. Firstly, I generally prefer to use a rigger brush for my branches, rather than an Edding pen or similar, I can get the line to taper out if I want it which can look better. I&#39;ve got a selection of sizes but usually use siz 0 or 1 for preference.<br />I always know where I&#39;m going to place branches, normally to balance the composition but I paint them rapidly in succession, sometimes not knowing when to stop! I always try and make every mark a positive statement, rather than some obscure scribble. (doesn&#39;t always happen like that of course).<br />It&#39;s just practice really, I thought some of your rigger work was rather good, I remember commenting on it recently. I hope that helps but I&#39;m always here to help further if I can. Alan

Alan, thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to explain your branch and twig technique. I must say you handle your rigger very well to get such relaxed and realistic marks. I find the more I concentrate to get accurate marks the worse they turn out. If I just give a flick here and there they seem to be more fluid. I think the answer is...for me.... lots more practice!Lol. Thanks again Alan, much appreciated.

This has enormous impact - a strong powerful watercolour

Lovely moody and quiet scene, the blue trees in the distance give the sense of coming to the end of the forest.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another wet in wet effort painted in the studio from watercolour sketches done at the scene. 1/2 Imperial on Fabriano paper.

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