Fading Light over Doxey Marshes

doxey marshes

Wonderful Alan, as always.

Super sky Alan.

This is a lesson in painting unity - so often we see (and sometimes we paint!) pictures in which the sky seems absolutely separate from the landscape, as if the painter has said 'OK, that's the sky done, now for the next bit', without understanding that landscape and sky are part of the same environment and the light from the sky is crucial in making the landscape or seascape below it convincing (i.e. 'readable' - you look at some paintings and think 'something wrong here', without always knowing quite why: it's usually the light, or lack of it).

Fantastic Alan! Wonderful landscape interpreted in a beautiful impressionistic way. One of your best!

Would be great to see this as a demonstration or video on Studio. I love it.

Love the way the sky bleeds into the land. Fabulous, Alan.

Great painting with lots of light and interesting brush marks.

Another super work Alan, full of light

Love the brush marked sky Alan, beautifully windswept I think. A lovely painting.

This I like very much Alan. Lots for the eye to fill in and lovely combination of colours echoed throughout the painting.

I agree about sky/ land unity. Beautiful painting

Lovely light and sky, and loosely done so has life and energy - brilliant.

That's fantastic Alan, gorgeous colours 🤗

Wow, awesome sky. Agree with all the comments .

Love the brush strokes and colours in the sky and then the reflections in the water. Great painting Alan.

Robert has put it so well as regards unity of the whole painting Alan with use of the same colours in the marshes and sky. The sky grabs your attention first, then your eye enjoys the whole scene, drifting around the landscape. Super.

Really inspiring stuff - a fabulous painting.

Many thanks for your lovely comments, I always enjoy reading them.

I recognised this beauty as yours straight away.

Super, Alan!

I love the way you’ve got lots of blue sky above the clouds.

Great depth in the sky which contrasts perfectly with the energetic foreground. Superb Alan.

An absolutely stunning piece - love the dramatic sky and the suggested detail in the foreground. Excellent, excellent work, Alan!

Impressive work Alan!

Absolutely effective and atmospheric.

Wow! Another excellent painting Alan -love the colours.

I knew it was yours Alan. Lovely as always!

Oozing atmosphere. Love the integration of all parts of the painting.

Again - just superb

Hang on Studio Wall

Continuing my sky series for a double feature in TA next year. I’ve painted this area of marshland many times. It’s a haven for wildfowl with hides positioned at various vantage points around the marshes, which are great for sketching from. The sky was vigorously scrubbed in with a Rosemary & Co Ivory Long Flat size 8 brush, leaving interesting and positive brush marks, the marsh was loosely painted in with an R&Co Evergreen Egbert size 6, keeping detail to a minimum. Oil on Belle Arti board 40 x 50cm.

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