Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Wow, love the colours, stunning picture!

You've caught the effect Adele. I like it very much.

The effect is magnificent, but there is also a scary element in it. This might have ......

Posted by Holger . on Sun 29 May 20:46:43

This would look good in our dining room..

Wonderful painting Adele, much effective, and wonderful colours and just the right atmosphere.

Oh Adele this is stunning you have captured the effects so well, I love it.

You've captured the northern lights perfectly, really atmospheric .

Beautiful blending Adele, captured very well.

A brave one to tackle with that range of colours and green sky, I would relish it mind you, and a good expressive piece Adele.

Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone. Now I will have to tell my husband off for not liking it!

Yes Adele, that's just what they look like....great job!

Thanks Fiona.

Beautiful blending in the sky Adele with a real feeling of movement, nice one.

Thank you Malcolm.

Lovely painting. I would love to see the real "lights". It's on my "bucket list".

Thank you Ellen.

Wow, love your colours in this :-)

Love it!

Posted by Sue Mann on Thu 07 Jul 11:12:32

Thank you Sue.

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