The Paul Hardy Painting Challenge - Round 2

The Paul Hardy Painting Challenge - Round 2

Very good work Adele. I wouln't try and get it exactly like the original as you'll lose something of yourself in the process. Yet, I suppose perfection is what we all aim for.

looks a treat

Don't know the challenge but you have captured their character in accurate shape and colours.

Perfect results Adele worth the worry

Great one adele. I will post mine soon....honestly I will

Thanks everyone - still in a sweat. Pleased I didn't give up. In watercolour I suppose it is more representational Michael which I am not used to. Still this has given me a bit of confidence to try more watercolour. Derek I feel you don't know about the blogs - if you go to "Art Community" on top bar next to "Gallery" and click on you can select "Blogs" where artists who have any info or want to say anything put their comments on and you can comment as usual. If you want to put on a blog yourself, just click on "My blogs" on your account.

Brilliant result Adele....well done!

Lovely Adele, fantastic colours and the birds are really great with the way you have used the brush strokes

Thanks Fiona and David.

To god effect Adele. Very effective background.

You've managed to convey one bird looking at the other which is no mean feat. Watercolour is such a challenge isn't it, but I think you've done well, especially keeping the background just suggested to give depth of field.

This is super, Adele!

Thank you John, Caroline and Heather. Watercolour certainly is a challenge for me.

Hang on Studio Wall

Whew! This really stretched me as I am not very good at watercolours and avoid it if I can. Tried to get to grips with my watercolour pencils for the birds , chair and berries, then agonised for a day (and night) about how to do the foliage. Settled on ordinary watercolour tubes. Forgot that watercolour paintings need planning so there is plenty wrong. Lots to work on. Thanks Paul. Waiting to see yours.

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