Channel Chop!


You're a master of your subject Michael.So realistic and atmospheric. Class work.

Really love how you have painted this, just beautiful.

Such a great sense of action - those seas are masterfully painted Michael

Beautifully painted with lot of excellent detail, the rough sea is superb you are a master at painting aircraft in their environment.

Love the highlights on the waves, they really sparkle and bring life to the scene.

Absolutely superb Michael!

Wonderful stormy sea and sky and great detail on the aircraft.

Fantastic work Michael This would grace any wall; or an Airfix box! Not only are the aircraft superbly painted, but the sea is rendered as if alive! Good show!

My thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm for this one. It began as a time filler for Lockdown and took on a life of its own.

Hang on Studio Wall

28 x 18 Acrylic on board. 175 Squadron Typhoon 1Bs from Lydd chase low level raiders over the English channel if foul weather.

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Michael Daley

Before leaving the RAF in the early 90s I studied, part time, Fine Art and Graphic Design at Falmouth College of Art and Design. On leaving the Air Force I worked for 17 years at Holkham Hall until retirement in 2010. I worked as a volunteer caseworker for ssafa ( Forces Charity) for almost 5…

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