Bert by Heather Love

TALP Open 2020
Competition Gallery

bert finished

Incredible attention to detail. Love this painting.

Stunning, I feel I want to reach out and hug him.. those eyes!

Incredibly sensitive portrait. That dog has had a life.

Looks so real. The detail is amazing and I'm in love with that face.

Incredibly realistic.

Well done Heather its got my vote great work

Thank you Linda, very much appreciated!

Terrific detail and captures a very realistic expression.

I love your attention to detail. Success or failure hinges around the eyes. When the eyes give the illusion of movement as you walk past your painting you know that you have succeeded. I myself have painted a spaniel & cows as miniatures in both acrylics & water mixable oils for birthday cards. You are really gifted.

Lovely detailed painting Heather. I'm glad you didn't do a vignette. I hate decapitated dogs!

Beautiful congratulations Heather

This is lovely

Lovely painting Heather. When you said Bert had been accepted I was expecting your hubby!

Love the painting. The eyes make you melt...

I just live the texture in the coat and the eyes...... oh those soulful eyes. Just beautiful Heather.

The medium doesn't do justice to Heather's work. You need to see her stuff "real time". Only then can you appreciate the detail, tones and hues that she crams into her paintings. They radiate an energy which cannot really be seen on-line.

A truly wonderful study. Bert's eyes follow you across the room. Such a talent, well done Heather!

Such intensity in his eyes - beautifully painted and captured.

Congratulations Heather!

Really feels like I could stroke his head and ears! I love the brass buckle on the collar too.

A truly beautiful portrait and so very lifelike. Great work Heather and as a dog lover it gets my vote.

Your love for dogs really shows. Those eyes, and friendly nose and beautifully painted ears that I would just have to stroke.

This gets my vote. Am so delighted that you are submitting your work Heather. Your ability to capture the ‘essence’ of the sitter through their eyes is remarkable. Love it!


Simply fabulous - Bert is wobderful

Beautiful artistry of Berts' eyes! I wish Bert was mine!

Absolutely beautiful & so much detail!!

Wow, I am super impressed

Amazing painting!

Great painting, great expression, great fur but made by the eyes.

Oh those eyes, gorgeous portrait Heather

Wish I had a dog like Bert!......

Bert looks lovely, soulful eyes.

Fantastic painting Heather. Love the expression.

Great stuff Heather. Difficult to believe you only picked up a paintbrush a few years ago. Innate talent! 'Bert' derives from the word 'bright', and the brightness in Bert's eyes really shines through. Well done.

At first glance I thought it was a photo. Heather should have been around with the Pre-Raphaelites.

Something so compelling about the expression on this dog's face. Wonderful painting.

Lovely picture of Bert, his eyes and mouth gave me the impression of a shy gentle smile.

Beautiful, what a cutie-pie!

I think this is brilliant - like being in the same room with the dog. I have commissioned many dog paintings over the years and this is as good as any I have! I don't know this dog personally but looking at the picture, I wish I did!

This is absolutely stunning, well done Heather!

Fantastic painting Heather :)

This painting really contains character, what a joy to see.

Simply wonderful.

Super work Heather. It makes me want to run my fingers through Bert's glossy fur.

This painting is really amazing. The detail is incredible and you can see and almost feel the dogs character. Fabulous.

Wonderful portrait capturing such a soulful expression.

Wonderful, very life like!

Excellent work Heather

The textures really bring this to life!

The eyes definitely have it.

Congratulations Heather, well deserved.

Wow Heather! Big congratulations for such a beautiful painting. I love spaniels I've had three over the years and believe me you have captured the very essence of them in this gorgeous portrait, especially with those eyes.

Bert looks a real character, beautiful bright eyes. Fantastic portrait.

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Size (H x W): 52 x 39 cm
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