Malcolm Davies



I studied art at school in the early 1970's and my early paintings were all aircraft based. As my personal interests changed so did my artwork, and I moved into motor cycles and cars. My first car based commission in 1978 was for a Jensen CV8. In the years since then my artwork has gone all-round the world and has covered many of the major car marques, from modern to vintage. In the early 80's as a result of a commission completed for a local accountant I became involved with the UK Ferrari owners club. Much work has come from owners since then and my work has also appeared in their club magazine and in an Italian originated magazine called Ferrari World. A few commissions came from a well known car and rail enthusiast 'Pete Waterman'. While cars and car based subjects still form a large part of my work, since moving from working only with Acrylics to also working with watercolour my work has significantly diversified. I found that subjects I couldn't achieve in Acrylics became possible with watercolours. My work has included trams, buses, trolleybuses, maritime, scenery (in a small way), rail based subjects and amazingly (for me) people and animals. The latter two were prompted by requests, which made me 'have a go' and very much took me outside my comfort zone, and as is usually the way actually showed me that I could do more than I thought. In October 2019 I became an Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists. In January 2021 I became an Associate Member of the Guild of Motoring Artists.