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How to paint a Scottish castle in watercolour

John Wright shares his journey into painting and demonstrates a Scottish castle scene step-by-step in watercolour.

How to paint a kingfisher in watercolour

Learn how to paint a vibrant kingfisher in a natural setting using wet-in-wet watercolour techniques with Chris Pendleton

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How to paint a valentine rose using watercolour

Val Kenyon demonstrates a simple step-by-step process to paint a red valentine rose using watercolour.

A guide to watercolour painting for beginners

Learn how to choose, use and look after your watercolour painting equipment plus simple exercises showing various watercolour techniques to help you get started.

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A quick method to build confidence

Anthony Nield shares his method to help artists with quickly building their confidence and technique.

Finished Painting
How to paint a winter sunset

Keith Hodsoll demonstrates a winter sunset painting of Morecambe Bay in watercolour.

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