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Finished Painting
How to paint a winter sunset

Keith Hodsoll demonstrates a winter sunset painting of Morecambe Bay in watercolour.

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Artists' advice for painting with watercolour

Chris Medcalf offers valuable advice for working with watercolour, including how to mix the perfect green for your next painting.

How to create your own watercolour medium

Make your own watercolour medium with Caroline Ross

Final Stage
How to use a limited palette

Peter Cronin advises using a limited palette for watercolour landscapes and ‘palette muck’ colours to achieve atmospheric grey tones.

How to paint strawberries in watercolour

Follow Margaret Eggleton as she shows how to paint a pot full of strawberry plants in watercolour.

How to paint bugs and botany in watercolour

Paul Riley shows how the symbiosis between flowers and the insects that visit them can make marvellous watercolour paintings, as he draws inspiration from Oriental artists.

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