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The drama in contrast by Hazel Soan

Hazel Soan demonstrates how contrasting tones, colours and shapes can all add vibrancy to watercolour paintings.

CP Step7
Digital beginnings by Chris Pendleton

How to paint an image of a garden bird, from processing a digital photograph on your computer to the finished watercolour portrait, with Chris Pendleton

How to Paint a Parisian Gateway in Watercolour by Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor treats us to an exposé of his attitudes when working on an architectural subject.

A Watercolourist in New York by Peter Graham

Peter Graham packs up his watercolours and heads for Manhattan.

Nature studies, painting blackbird's eggs in watercolour with Paul Hopkinson

Take out your smallest brushes and a handful of colours to paint a blackbird’s eggs in all their beauty, with Paul Hopkinson

Documenting my daily walk with a five metre-long artwork - lockdown inspiration from Lynette Sendall-King

Lynette Sendall-King is using the lockdown to document her daily walk round her village with a five metre-long artwork.

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