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Painting Transparent Glass in Watercolour with Diana Boanas

PaintersOnline member, Diana Boanas, shares her techniques for painting transparent glass in watercolour.

How to paint Rhododendron Lutem in watercolour with Işik Güner

Paint a beautiful rhododendron in watercolour with Işik Güner

How to Paint a Treescape with Ian Ridley

Ian Ridley demonstrates a watercolour treescape based on an initial loose wash.

Seaside Studies by Sue Sareen

Sue Sareen turns colour theory upside down as she heads for the sea with her watercolours

Marine painting in watercolour with Sydney Vale

Sydney Vale highlights some of the problems that confront the marine painter.  Boats and reflections

How to Stretch Your Watercolour paper with Tim Fisher

Tim offers advice on how and when to stretch your watercolour paper.

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