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Unwrap the gift of COLOUR with Steve Griggs

Colour need not be representational – Steve Griggs suggests some unusual dyad and triad combinations in watercolour and urges you to move away from the expected to create compelling compositions

Spatial awareness with Lucy Willis

Lucy Willis explains how to achieve perspective in your watercolour compositions in subjects including architecture, figures, shadows and aerial perspective

Painting on the Beach with Brian Smith

Brian Smith uses a watercolour sketchbook study to work up a painting of a hot day on the beach.

How to paint water in watercolour with Nigel Wade

Nigel Wade describes how he paints water in his detailed seascape paintings.

How to paint a kingfisher in watercolour with Andrew Forkner

Paint a kingfisher step-by-step with Andrew Forkner

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Ways with watercolour by Frank Sherwin

Frank Sherwin

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