The Bowing Oak, Lindholme Hall


I love it Martin. It is up there with your best.

Superb artwork Martin 👌

What amazing work with those intertwining branches. Very beautiful Martin.

Glorious Martin, I would have gone stir crazy trying to paint this!

Ancient indeed! This calls to mind the ancient 'temperate' forest I found myself admiring when in Maentwrog, North Wales, in the New Year...certainly will try some painting....thanks for the inspiration!

Fantastic Martin. A great painting.

I agree with David but, really, all of your work is first rate Martin. I’ve said it before but your sensitivity and lightness of touch are evident.

This is a cracker Martin. I love these old trees, and this is a superb painting. Recently I went back to Greenwich Park in London, my playground when I was a nipper. Some wonderful ancient trees there, including many huge chestnut trees planted in King Charles II's time when he had the park redesigned. The most famous tree there is known as Queen Elizabeth I's oak, apparently she used to sit under it. When I was a kid it was dead but still upright, it's since collapsed, but it's been kept as a magnificent ruin.

Superb work, Martin, these ancient trees have so much character.

Fabulous work Martin!

Magnificent tree, magnificent painting Martin!

Now that IS a tree Martin! Superb twists and turns with great tonal work.



Gosh that looks complicated, you have caught the 3D effect really well here David, well done.

This is superb Martin, I love seeing trees in their various forms and you have captured this so well

You had fun with this one! I wonder if you used a touch of white paint or ink for some of the twiggy bits, or left them for the white paper to describe, but whatever you did it's very certainly worked.

Wonderful in every way Martin!

Wow. Thanks very much everyone for your really supportive comments. Always much appreciated

Wow love this 🥰

Hang on Studio Wall

I love the way this ancient tree has been left to do its own thing. Sketched in early March before the leaves hid the wonderful convoluted branches, some of which are dead and sun bleached. Fude pen with carbon ink and watercolour washes on Saunders Waterford HP paper block. 12x16”

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