That's A Bit Yucky, Possums!

That's A Bit Yucky, Possums!

They are brilliant Thea do as many as you like

Thank you, Dennis, for such a kind comment. Strangely enough, the portrait to me seems to have turned out looking more like a man than a woman (and of course, Dame Edna is a man). Perhaps my subconscious has registered this and this has influenced how I have done the drawing or painting? I have found this before in certain portraits, almost like you can't overcomel what your brain knows regardless of what it is seeing in front of it (if you get what I mean).

Love these and this is really good! Thea keep 'em coming......

Could be your specs, it doesn't look blurry to me! I like the Whitehouseian look of horrified disapproval, which Edna has so successfully mastered. I remember a comment of Edna's: unutterably but delightfully vulgar: "Lesbianism leaves a nasty taste in my mouth" - oh, so many marvellous layers of entirely scabrous meaning!

Oh, and the perm - what would you call that colour? Eau de Gladiolus?

Brilliant Thea! You have managed to portray so well the masculinity of Dame Edna. I'm afraid you may have started us all off again on the 'Guess Who's'!

Don't stop. They are just beautiful.

Apart from being exactly like her/him, what a wonderful fun portrait!

Thank you Carole, Sara, Robert, Kal and Louise for such interesting and fun comments. Robert, love the idea of 'eau de gladioli'! Christine, just off to have a closer look at what seems suspiciously like a one liner portrait from you!

Thea, I love this! You've really captured Dame Edna to perfection. I love that imperious look, which you've captured beautifully and those bling glasses. One of my favorites among your recent postings!

Her expression is spot on Thea! It sums up her attitude to life. Great fun!

Great stuff, Thea, and the title just sets it off a treat.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 16 Mar 08:59:25

Got it straight away Thea great likeness . Keep them coming we all enjoy them . If you enjoy doing them as well its a win win situation Thea , well done .

Brilliant. Love these.

Great likeness in fact 'it's spooky' lol

Thank you very much Seok, Sarah, Carol, Dennis, Dorothy and Debs for your lovely comments. Such a fun subject - I really enjoyed watching Dame Edna emerge from the drawing.

The best ever Thea! This is just fantastic! Hilarious! Brilliant! I love it!!

Hang on Studio Wall

I think I need therapy as I can't stop doing these one liner portraits! Anyone, just one more as I just couldn't resist the 'yucky' disapproving look that is one of her trademark put downs. What a great subject she is! P.S. Image looks slightly blurry to me - ok when enlarged. I find this a lot when loading images on the gallery?

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