Star Gazer - SAA Challlenge

Star Gazer - SAA Challlenge

It's simply gorgeous Thea. Well done.

30 minutes well spent Thea!

Smashing Thea, just ideal for you and anyway who is checking the time?? We believe you.

This is super, just made me smile, Thea! In that short amount of time, you did brilliantly, capturing the form of your ornament so beautifully. Well done!

Lovely Thea one you are bound to win

Thank you very much Kal, Louise, DerekS, Seok and Dennis for your kind comments. I have to say that I don't think I would have been able to draw the hare relatively quickly before I started doing the one liners. They seem to have improved my observational skills quite a lot - and not before time as mine were pretty dire before!

P.S. Honest DennisS - it was just a nanosecond before the 30 mins when I put my brush down. I had resolved to put my brush down at the time limit even if I hadn't finished as I think the fun of these challenges is doing exactly what they ask and seeing what comes out of it. I have checked out some of the entries for this little competition on the SAA website and there are some that slightly extend belief that they only took 30 minutes, as they are very complete and detailed. If they really only took 30 mins, then I take my hat off the artists - I couldn't work that quickly.

Well done Thea ! The prize is in the bag :)

Well done, he's adorable :)

Well done Thea ! The prize is in the bag :)

What a result in 30 minutes...well done Thea, a delightful subject...although I'm not very pleased with the hare that shares my garden at the moment, he's been nibbling!Lol.

I am a quick worker Thea but would have been pushed with this. Have it for dinner Fiona.

Thank you Sarah, Lesley, Fiona and Derek - very kind of you to leave such nice comments. Derek - perish the thought - I'm an animal lover and couldn't even eat rabbit! Sarah, I don't think there is a prize, actuallt not sure what the point of the competition is (!) and my offering won't win I am sure because there have been some super 30 minute paintings posted. Can but dream, though, and thank you for the show of confidence in me.

Just found out - the SAA will publish one of the paintings each month in their magazine. I think the competition is open until autumn.

Great job! Speed drawings are great for making you look properly. Love this.

Thank you, Dorothy, as I said before, doing the one liners has really helped me observe better and follow the shapes and lines of what I am trying to draw. Before I did them, I would be rubbing out constantly to try and adjust what I had drawn, but I seem to have got over that now. I think these various challenges do have an impact on how you work and can move you on. I am rather hooked on taking up the various batons at the moment, so may do a few more of these speed ones.

Also, painting and drawing quickly really helps with confidence. No dithering, stressing or erasing. I feel that once we start rubbing away at pencil lines, the life and spontaneity is lost.

Gorgeous Thea, love it, an Easter Bunny!

Simply adorable Thea!! Looking forward to seeing it printed in the magazine!

Lovely shape to this Thea, and very well done doing it in 30 mins !!

Absolutely right, Louise, not a single fiddle in sight when I was drawing the hare. Apart from that, I have lost my putty rubber. I don't know what I do with them as they disappear all the time. Perhaps some higher artist being is trying to tell me something, lol! Thank you Carole, Satu and Debs for your kind comments. Satu, I am not sure it will be included in the magazine - in fact I think it is doubtful as there seem to be a lot of excellent entries, far better than mine, but thank you for having confidence in me!

I almost missed this Thea, it's beautiful! Another challenge, goody! Hope to find 30 minutes over the next few days to attempt this.

Are you hooked on challenges as well, Christine! Thank you for your kind comment. Have a look at the one I have just posted as it could be another challenge for you to try. I am going to find a moment to do a few more 30 min ones.

This is so good Thea ! I love it !

I think it is great. Love it.

Lovely, Thea! You really love a challenge don't you?

Hang on Studio Wall

The SAA are running a challenge called 'Speed is of the Essence' where you have to choose a simple object that you can see right in front of you and complete the drawing/painting in a maximum of 30 minutes. I could see my Raku hare ornament, so I decided to use that. The drawing bit took most of the time and I had to slap on the paint really quickly. I did it with about a nanosecond to spare!

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