Beachhuts and Birds

Beachhuts and Birds

Jolly little painting - bright and cheerful, Thea

It works beautifully Thea.

So simple and brillant

Great seaside subject Thea, and a great result - an ideal opportunity to use all those lovely pigments.

Thank you very much Pat, Derek, Michael and Sharon - very kind of you. I am off on my hols to Devon in just over a week, so painting this has really got me in the mood!

Hope your holiday is every bit as good as your painting Thea

A lovely iconic jolly seaside scene Thea, beautifully painted as always.

I thought about beach huts myself (honestly) and these are delightful, all those colours and the sea was a good choice to leave white. leaving the huts more prominent, well drawn with lovely colour wash Thea.

Oh lovely, I would really like one of those Thea. So colourful.

Lovely summer feel to this one Thea, hope you find similar weather in Devon, oh and don't forget your sketchbook!

Thank you very much Dennis, Christine, Alan, Carole and Stephen for such kind comments. Stephen, I will take my sketchbook but the chances of getting anything done with 4 grandchildren in tow is debatable. I will try though! If daughters and grandchildren didn't live just down the road from me, I would be off to live by the sea like a shot. I find the vast expanse of moving water very cathartic and I could sit and look at it forever - and if I could have a beachhut as well...... bliss!

Happy scene, bright and breezy,

Leaving the sea white works for me! I find beach huts as appealing as lighthouses, great subject for the seaside challenge.

So colourful, Thea! I love it. Thanks for your comments on my work, Thea. We do seem to like the same artists dont we. Judy Whitton was a former student of Charles Reid, so its no surprise that we love both artists' work, is it? Judy was also a student of John Yardley, but I prefere her style as it is and have a painting or two of hers. (Lucky me!!) I spent a week at Urchfont with her and she really taught me to see colour everywhere. She loosened me up and set me free to paint, so I have much to thank her for.

A happy, sunny summery painting Thea, no wonder it put you in the mood for your hols.

Beautiful, bright and cheerful Thea...hope your holiday is the same. I echo Stephens statement.....don't forget your sketch book and DIP pen!lol

Thank you very much Glennis, Debs (phew.. glad you like the sea left out!), Jennifer, Val and Fiona for all your encouraging comments. Fiona - use a dip pen near a 5 year old... not sure of the wisdom of that one, it might have to be one containing washable ink! Yes, Jennifer, we do seem to have the same taste in artists. I did two courses with Judi Whitton, but, dare I say it, I found her quite tricky to learn from as she is such a brilliant artist that she instinctively knows what mark to put where and what colour or tone to use. I kept asking her to explain her decisions and reasoning and she struggled to do that, mainly because, as I said, her painting is instinctive. So I got a bit frustrated. Charles R is very different as he actively wants to give you information about what he is doing and why he is doing it. He doesn't always know what colour he has used as he uses colour as tone rather than as colours (if you see what I mean) but he can explain why he needs a dark tone, or to paint negatively, etc so I did find it easier to learn from him. I don't actually care for John Yardley's work as I find the strong contre jour light effect he likes a bit off putting, as it his rather sombre palette. Well, that's quite a speech for a reply to comments... sorry for going on a bit.

Lovely, refreshing, summery.

Delightful sketch Thea - simple but very effective. Going to St. Ives tomorrow for 6 days and I hope I can get some sketching like this done. Love your loose style. Thank you for your kind comments on my paintings.

Totally the right decision to leave the sea unpainted, Thea, and ri keace some unpainted splotches where the foreground is - it certainly gives the painting a sparkle in all the right places. An utterly charming piece!

Hang on Studio Wall

Finally, I have got around to doing a 'Seaside' challenge! I'm a bit behind everyone else, but I got there in the end! P.S. I decided to leave the sea unpainted as I didn't wanted to shut the painting down by painting everything in sight - I do like my paintings to be able to breathe. Hopefully viewers will know that the sea is there and mentally fill it in for themselves - well that's the game plan!

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