St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral

I like this for its lightness, St Pauls being anything but! Also Cadgwith Cove. Fresh, airy images.

Thank you, Roger. I rather see St Paul's as a bit of a 'wedding cake' building and I tried to get that feel about it.

Exactly as I showed it in a commission showing three London icons and the best view certainly. Lovely sketch work Thea

I agree that this is a good view of the cathedral as you see it's frivolous architecture set against the more mundane and workmanlike buildings that flank it. I like the contrast. Thank you for your kind comment and I would like to see your commission. Is it on your gallery?

I think an impression is the best way, you've certainly showed that Thea. A very attractive piece with just the right amount of detail.

I really like this sketch Thea, fantastic work

Great Thea, love the shadows on the right.

Good view of St Paul's, and well drawn. I think this was the first demo I watched of your hero Charles Reid.

Ambitious and effective.

Never seen St Paul's viewed from this angle before, it works extremely well, one of your best!

Thank you very much Gudrun, Marjorie, Petra, Sharon, Fiona and Helen for leaving such nice comments. Fiona, you are right - I saw Charles R painting this exact scene in quite an old DVD of his. I have always liked this view of St Paul's so when my husband (a very keen photographer) was in London a while back, I charged him with taking a photo from this angle so I could use it for a future painting. Marjorie, I am glad you like the impressionistic interpretation, but I have to 'fess up and say that it had to be that as I just don't have the skills for a full architectural drawing. I suppose it is just as well that I rather like wobbly lines, inaccuracy and just going for the look of a scene because that it about the limit of my capabilities.

I love St. Paul's and I think that this is a wonderful drawing/painting of it Thea! You have the details and you have the fantastic overall majestic atmosphere that it creates. Really really great!!

Works really well Thea, I remember seeing a reproduction of an Edward Wesson pen and wash drawing form a similar angle, I think yours works just as well.

Ambitious and effective.

The very thought of trying to draw St Paul's Cathedral scares me to death but you have done a wonderful job of it Thea. You seem to know instinctively what details to convey and which to miss out and, together with your clever washes, you've created a very delicate and atmospheric painting of this imposing London landmark.

I think it's great. Normally people paint quite a stiff painting of this building but I love the light and colour you've used to achieve a much (and to my mind) more interesting view of it.

Love your sketches Thea.

I found it Thea! I have been searching out for this one, caught sight of it and then it got lost again before had time to comment, it is lovely with your typical attention to detail in work like this, love the shadow thrown across on the buildings and all those windows!, then all finished off beautifully with your lovely fine use of washes, it is a gem, as always

Thank you very much Satu, Stephen, Helen, Val, Dawn,Carole, Karyl and Ros. You are all very generous with your comments and I do appreciate it very much.

Wow! Bravely done, Thea! I wouldn't even know where to begin, but you've done it beautifully - wonderful use of washes to suggest the shapes and tones.

Good pen and wash Thea. The detail is perfect though not sure about the sky top right side which I'm guessing you over painted. I'm being super critical here and appreciate that it's a sketch :)

Hi Thea, I did react to your much appreciated advice on skintones on my posting page, but can imagine you didn't revisit, so this is the only way I know to thank you : your remark about the angles is spot on - the underlying bone structure is covered in puppy fat, so looks very flat in a painting. I've now cropped the original to include just the face and I'm going to work with your suggested palette , in combination with Frank's tips about layering. If I can get it to work for me, I'll post it. Thanks again. PS Re The Initiate : well done for sticking up for your views. Personally I've seen daffodils with more erotic attraction than these paintings, and really don't see the point of them, but each to his own.

Thank you very much Louise. The problem with the paper in my sketchbook, lovely though it is, the paint just doesn't move on it at all and skies are a problem. I am not good at skies so can't get them right with one hit but attempts to adjust the washes seems to produce a patchy look. I am not excusing my lack of expertise as I have to learn to work with the paper better.

Hi Sharon, glad if anything I said helped. As for my comments on The Initiate, the comments under this painting are now descending into being rather unpleasant so I shall now bow out and leave it to those who want to continue to chew the fat about it. Takes all sorts I suppose.

You manage to get so much detail in your work, this is lovely.

Thank you very much, Glennis. This was really only a quick sketch and painting, so I am really flattered at all the lovely comments about it.

Bursting with vitality Thea !

Hang on Studio Wall

A pen and wash sketch of the iconic and wonderful St Paul's Cathedral. You can't really do it justice so I just went for an impression. Pen and Wash in my sketchbook.

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