Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

What a cutey! he looks a bit like Gromitt does'nt he? You have given me a lot of pleasure looking at your lovely and ever improving pen and wash paintings. have a super Christmas and look forward to seeing many more next year.

Ah, I think you have spotted why my husband liked him so much, as he is a big fan of Wallace and Gromit. Thank you for those kind words. I am definitely staying on the pen and wash for a bit as I am enjoying it so much and it is a medium that has always attracted me, but I have had little success with. I have found that doing one after another like this has really taught me a lot so I need to build on that in 2014. Keep painting and posting yourself as I get great pleasure out of viewing your super paintings.

Lovely Thea and a Merry Christmas to you too.

You have turned up trumps again, Thea . . . what a great little character to wish a Happy Christmas!

A really charming little painting Thea! Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and look forward to seeing more of your paintings throughout 2014. Thank you too for your comments throughout 2013.

I have quite a few sad little rescue bears myself plucked from baskets outside charity shops especially if it's raining! What is it about little teddy bears? This one is lovely. Happy Christmas Thea!

He's irresistible Thea :) Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year to you and yours X

The sad little bear is sad no more, thanks to his new forever home and to the fabulous work you did, Thea! What a delightful little character, and I just love all the blobby bits that have added so much life and vitality to this beautiful piece. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Thea!

And a happy Christmas to you too Thea - here's to next years postings.

Well he looks happy now Thea, lovely. Have a great Christmas you and your family.

So glad you took him home (i have a whole shelf of "rescued"bear!). He's lovely - as usual with your paintings. Have a great Christmas and New Year, (Up here we just hope for continued electricity.!.!,!)

Posted by Ann Cook on Fri 20 Dec 16:41:40

The cutest card ever, I fell in love straight away! I wish you and your family a Wonderful Christmas and Very Happy New Year 2014! Looking forward to many lovely postings from you Thea.

and it's a 10 from Len [ well me actually but you know what I mean]!! Have a super Christmas and a very productive -painting wise- 2014!!

Love it ! Yes the expression does look like poor old put upon Gromit, wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas Thea

I WANT one! He's beautiful Thea, especially as you have given him life and love.....and a new home! Thank you for your continued and positive encouragement through 2013. I hope you will do me the same favour through 2014...... when I fall by the way side, as I am sure I will!! Lol. May you have a joyful and peaceful Christmas and lots of inspiration for the new year.

He is excellent Thea and a great way for you to send out your Christmas and New Year washes to everyone and for all of us to wish them back to you as well xx

What a lovely character you have painted. Best Wishes to you and a creative New Year.

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and good wishes. Only 5 sleeps to go (in the words of my four year old granddaughter) - getting very excited now to see if Santa has been to Ken Bromley or Jacksons Art to pick up some pressies for me.

He's too adorable to be true ! You've done an excellent job here and I envy all those who'll receive one of your cards. Have a very Merry Christmas and a super productive 2014.

Thank you very much, Avril. I don't normally do 'cutesy' paintings, but he was too sweet to resist. Have a brilliant Christmas yourself and thank you so much for all your lovely comments and feedback in 2013. Look forward to seeing a lot more of your super work in 2014.

He's super - genuine and warm like the artist herself. Warmest wishes for many new challenges in 2014 Thea!

Well, everyone has beaten me to it and said it all. However, I shall add my own best wishes for Christmas and 2014. (Hopefully they will sort out the website so my name is not funny in 2014. It has never been an issue before. At least the quotation marks work now. Sorry, I am a little irritated about a very small thing!)

Happy Christmas to you too.

Really good watercolour. Have a great Christmas Thea.

This is a great pen and wash painting Thea, Happy Christmas, and thanks for all your comments. David Hall.

Merry Christmas Thea.! This is just so cute! I'm glad that you rescued him :)

Thank you very much Kim, Gudrun, Glennis, Joseph, David and Sarah for your good wishes and nice comments.

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I wasn't going to paint a card this year, mainly due to all the things that have been going on, but I came across this sad little bear on the reduced shelf in Sainsbury's, so.... well, he had to come home with me, didn't he. I sat him beside my easel, and I was a bit bored, so I did a quick pen and wash of him. My husband saw it and loved it, so I ended up having it printed to send out. I have posted it to wish a really Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year to everyone who has given me the most amazing support and friendship over the last year. You don't know how much it has meant to me and it has really helped me to want to keep going and keep improving. Have a great time!

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