Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth Cove

Fisherman's Cottage at Penberth Cove

Wow Thea! I love it, it is so sweet. great comoposition and beautiful colours

Thank you so much, Petra. You've cheered me up no end and made me feel less gloomy about my landscapes.

Nothing wrong with this Thea, lovely composition and very well painted

I agree, nothing wrong but absolutely loads wonderful

Lovely Thea. It is so colourful and all the bits and pieces make it interesting for theeye to wander over. Your inimitable touch..... Well done again.

Lovely colours, Thea, and the painting tells a great story about fishing and fishermen. Am looking forward to seeing your next townscape.

Lovely and colourful

Posted by N. Fen on Mon 27 Jun 08:47:12

Good depiction of stone building and cheerful colours Thea, very Cornwall.

The colours are delightful Thea. I especially like the way that you've painted the brickwork and the windows. The building is excellent. You've got those splatters of paint just right as well. When I try that effect I usually overdo it. It takes a bit of courage as I know from past experience! Well done!

Love this one Thea, great composition and colours, if I had this one hanging on my wall I think I'd smile every time I passed it - got such a 'feel good' feeling about it!

Another beautiful summery picture, Thea. Lovely colours and light.

Posted by Ann Cook on Mon 27 Jun 09:26:39

It's all already been said nothing to add exccept it's lively and bright.I like it very much.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 27 Jun 10:20:15

Wow, Thea, so many comments and I can't add anything new to it: I agree with them 100%: beau-ti-ful!!!

I absolutely love this painting Thea. I agree with all the comments already given and I would love to hang this on my wall to look at whenever I feel gloomy! It's superb!

Thea, I like your still life and portrait work but I have always liked your landscapes more. :)

Thea well done on your feature in 'Paint ' mag, and being on front cover.

Thank you each and every one for such lovely comments. I am taken aback at all the positive feedback and on one of my dreaded landscapes as well. I must thank Debs for her helpful input on this painting when I hit a problem and her advice helped me out. Also - thank you so much, Carole, for your congrats on the Paint thing. I haven't seen it yet, so am wondering what it looks like.

Thea, I wish I were as 'rubbish' as this at's beautiful. So much light, atmosphere and colour.

Absolutely super, Thea! And not at all rubbish! I've never seen a painting of yours that's remotely rubbish. Love the colors of the fishing paraphernalia!

Thank you so much Fiona and Seok for your lovely comments which I value very much.

The watercolours look so fresh and transparent on this painting Thea, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this without overworking them, I like youe chosen subject for this one, well done !

The watercolours look so fresh and transparent on this painting Thea, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this without overworking them, I like youe chosen subject for this one, well done !

A lovely watercolour Thea. I love the way you leave the edges unresolved.

Lovely work,Thea! Saw article about you in Paint magazine! Congrats on your great achievement.

dont know how i missed this one. Great image and technique, portfolio just gets better

Thea, as you know, I see your painting elsewhere, but seeing them here, all together, it is such a lovely collection. The colours are so fresh and bright. Lovely. And the pup should certainly be entered in the competition.

Fantastic painting Thea

Hang on Studio Wall


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