Blue Bird Still Life

Blue Bird Still Life

Beautiful still life Thea, I love the composition and your blue bird looks great.

Amazing work this Thea --I like it

I especially like your still life paintings Thea. Like you I love to incorporate favourite things and your blue bird is great.

Thank you Petra, Charles, Christine and Kirstie for your nice comments. I haven't done a still life for ages so I really enjoyed having a go at this one.

Lovely Thea, your still life paintings are always full of light.

I love the colours and a beautiful painting

Lovely painting Thea. I expect that you scoffed all that food when you'd finished painting! I like the cup and saucer. You could incorporate them in your next still life. They're very pretty objects. Good shadows also!

Nice painting Thea, and congratulations on two top tens.

Thank you very much Fiona, Glennis, Louise and William for your encouragement and nice comments. Louise, the lemons ended up being made into lemon meringue ice cream - delicious! I also have a collection of cups and saucers and usually grab one to include in a still life. I think I have painted this one before.

Another stunning still life, just love that blue bird! Can I be cheeky and request a still life of one of your 'fabled' ice-creams? Can just see it now in a pretty sundae glass surrounded by the ingredients ! come to that I can almost taste it lol !!

You still lifes are just gorgeous, Thea! Every piece is just so suffused with an ethereal beauty and a joyous atmosphere, as is amply demonstrated here. It's so, so lovely!

Thank you Debs and Seok. You are very kind and generous in your comments. Debs, that's a good idea - ice cream and all the bits and pieces. I made some strawberry meringue ice cream yesterday and that would lend itself to a great still life - what an inventive mind you have! Only problem is that I would probably eat it as I went along and reference to paint from lol!!

I like this Thea, very nice. Good idea to put your little mementos in your beautiful paintings. Great composition too.

Wonderful cmposition and your delicate's lovely.

Lovely fresh feel as always, lots of interest, super

I just love the blue bird! The balance is perfect and you have painted that tea cup and saucer really well.

Oh, I wish my English was so rich in words as all the other comments are, Thea. I agree 100% with everything the other said: this is so "you": stunning!

Gosh, thank you all so much. I wasn't expecting such nice comments, but they are very welcome and make me want to keep going so that I improve.

Ah Thea will yea stop breaking the souvenirs from Oireland ;-).As usual, beautiful

I love the delicacy of your cup and saucer Thea and I think I've spotted your lovely blue bird in a previous painting. Well loved objects immortalised for ever in a beautifully painted watercolour.

I don't normally like still life, but have to admit that this one caught my eye. I love the subtle colours and the composition and especially the tea cup and saucer.

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