Black Caviar - Three Lengths Clear

Black Caviar - Three Lengths Clear

Yes, it's definitely worked - the back legs especially and the splashes of paint all lend movement. It's a difficult thing to attempt, so well done! By the way, Thea, your portraits are fantastic!

This is really good Thea, you've caught the speed and galloping of Black Caviar (what a super name for a race horse). The colours in his coat are wonderful, it shines and the patch of grass, also a good colour combination, in the foreground works well. I also like the touch of white on top of his goggles.

Great addition to your horse racing gallery - he fairly bowls along!

I meant the jockey's

Thank you very much Marjorie, Louise and Debs for you nice comments. Louise, I rather like the idea of the horse wearing the goggles!! Marjorie, thank you so much for the kind words about my portraits - I am still working on the necessary skills, but hopefully I am making progress.

Good lively watercolour Thea, good feeling of movement of the race horse.

Super watercolour. I am not quite sure about the red boundary line though. Would the horse look even faster without the line touching the body?

He is galloping along with his jockey securely anchored. Excellent! Love your horse ....

Yes it really worked Thea, this is great.

I would say yes it has worked Thea, such energy you have achieved! The horse is painted beautifully.

The energy and movement in this is wonderful. A great painting.

Thank you so much Stephen, Gudrun, Karyl and Carole for such lovely comments. Thank you also. Pat, for your encouragement. Re the red line, the race track had a red racing rail, rather than the more usual white, so I decided to put it in to anchor the horse to the scene and also to add and exciting colour to the mix. These are always difficult decisions, so it is nice to hear an alternative view of how I could have tackled this element - so thank you.

Thank you so much, Dawn. If that is what comes across, then I am happy.

Another gem. Such vitality to be felt in the horse and the ARTIST !

Thank you, Avril - lovely comment and very nice compliment. I do find I seem to have more confidence since my course - not sure why - perhaps I have subliminally absorbed some of Charles Reid's assured attitude to his painting. I do hope so!!

Eergy and technique , superb

Thank you very much, Brian, for that very nice compliment.

A really well observed horse, love the vitality and action, and as always your style is delightful.

I'm a bit late with my comment and the others have said it so well above but here it comes once more, a lovely watercolour with speed and action and good composition.

Love this galloping racehorse Thea, the dirt flying up from their hooves is always a great suggestion of the speed, that and their legs in the right position and the Jockey hunched over and standing in the stirrups with the short reins grasped half way up the horses neck, and you have got it all here perfectly, you have captured the intensity of the race superbly. x

This one is a marvelous one. Good technique and yes the lose paint do leave a sense of speed. I love horses and I'm looking forward to paint some in the future myself. I'd say it worked well.

This is fantastic Thea ,excellent gallery

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This is a painting of the famous Australian racehorse, Black Caviar, unbeaten in over 20 races and now retired. I have tried to loosen the outlines of the horse to give the impression of speed - has it worked - don't know. Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico 140lbs.

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