Desire to Win!

Desire to Win!

What a super drawing Thea. Those horses are really galloping along and you've captured their movement and energy. It's good to try something different and you've done well!

I agree with Louise, you can almost hear the pounding of their hooves and the shouts of the crowd as they race towards the finishing line.

This really is something different Thea and i love it - you have really caught the movement and the horses are spot on.

Very accomplished drawing Thea, good feeling of movement and speed.

Very accomplished drawing Thea, good feeling of movement and speed.

Its got action the horses are kicking up the mud its really good Thea!:)Linda

Thank you very much Louise, Michael, Stephen and Linda for your very generous comments. I used to draw a lot when I was a great deal younger, but it has been put on the back burner in favour of painting, I must get going again and hone my drawing skills I think.

I agree with all the above comments, an excellent drawing Thea, such movement.

Thank you so much, Glennis. I feel a bit ashamed that I don't do more drawing so I am going to try and rectify this and with all this encouragement I jolly well ought to get on with it!

Action packed and great tones Thea. Hope you are feeling much better.

Thank you very much, Fiona. Yes, I am mended now finally. It seemed to drag on for ages and I began to feel that I would never turn the corner. There have been some awful bugs about this year. I catch them all from my small grandchildren as always they seem to get a lot of colds and coughs in the winter - so no escape for Grandma!

I agree with above comments - you really should do more drawing!!

A wonderful drawing Thea, it captures so well the speed and movement of the racing horses. My husband is a big racing fan and has often asked me to do a painting for him, but I wouldn't know where to begin! Very well done!

This is really a great piece of drawing Thea, the movement generated in the riders and horses is superb, touch of red sets it off, it is all so accomplished and I agree it is good to depart from usual watercolours and try something else sometimes

Well done Thea, lovely to see a super drawing full of movement, was it a 2B?

Thank you so much Debs, Christine, Graham and Lesley. I agree I should do more drawing, not because I am any good at it, but rather that I should stop being so lazy about it! Lesley, it was done with 4B with some 6B in places. You can tell how often I draw as I had to ransack my studio to find any suitable pencils. Shame on me! Graham, I did try to get away without the touch of watercolour, but old habits die hard. I rather like a touch of colour in a drawing.

This is absolutely gorgeous, Thea! Beautiful draughtsmanship and a superb tint of watercolor. I can almost hear the horses thundering towards the finish line. I hope you do more of these!

Thank you so much Seok for such a lovely comment. I am going to set myself the task of doing one drawing a week so I am trying to think up what to do next. I will go for a change of subject just to challenge myself.

I am going through a drawing phase too Thea - and loving it, I use hot pressed paper and then sometimes add some colour to it and I quite like the paper even though it can be difficult You always get a great sense of life in your work - can see that struggle to win with the horses and jockeys and the touch of red couldnt be left out ! I love my roses, the one I painted is my favourite but I lost the label - it starts out with those amazing dark buds and opens out into lovely gentle shades of yellow, peach and rose. We are moving house so hopefully I will get a nice new smaller garden to plant with more of his roses - lucky you to live close to him ! Thanks for your kind comments but the background got overdone but I know next time to make up lots more of the mix then I think I need (ultra and cad yellow light but might try more transparent mix next time )

Saw your pictures first in a magazine article back in July 2011 and was very impressed with your water colour "Whip Hand" depicting racehorses close up from the front. This style I had come across once before when Jake Winkle came to our art club to do a demonstration in 2010. Both you and he have inspired me to try this subject. Hope to post the results in my portfolio in the not too distant future. Hoping to try colur and drawing. Thanks for the inspiration!

Wonderful drawing, Thea. Hope to see lots more.

another action of horse, you court it well, like your style

agree with all above......wonderful full of action

Brilliant drawing Thea, so much life in there

Hi Thea, chose this one of your drawings to post my reply to your lovely comment on my grand national pastel drawing, thanks so much for your comment and replying on this one of your drawings was very apt and tropical I thought! I couldn't resist do a racehorse and jockey to go with the theme of this weekend and I did think myself giving them the expressions that I did showed the excitement of the occasion for quite a lot of people, struggled a bit with jockeys face but of course for me the horse's face was always going to come easier being an out and out horse lover as I am, so thanks again for taking a look and commenting xx

A very good drawing, little touches of watercolour help to further enhance movement.

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Now for something completely different! I haven't done a proper drawing in years as I much prefer to paint. However, set myself the challenge and this is the result. Couldn't resist the odd touch of watercolour though.

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