Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

I think what you have done is just enough to capture the sun and shadows and hasn't overwhelmed her at all, but what caught my eye is the way you've painted her hair, I love it.

This is lovely. Like Val has said, you managed not to overwhelm with too strong colours, so we think you have pulled it off!

Thank you so much Val and Gudrun for your lovely comments and for thinking that I managed to pull off my aim. Val, I could kiss you!! I have been struggling terribly with hair for ages and for you to think that it is well painted is huge for me - so thank you!!

Totally charming, Thea, and so beautifully painted - you've certainly pulled it off!

Another lovely painting for the family album Thea, the 'little madam' has transformed into a 'little angel'!

I too was drawn to the hair. It looks like its been wet and is half way to drying. It's a lovely portrait

It is absolutely delightful Thea! You have captured the lovely patterns, the heath of the day and everything. Beautiful!!!

Thank you so much Jane, Christine, Paul and Satu for your lovely comments. Yes, Christine - the trantrums are thankfully over very quickly! Paul - spot on - she had been in the sea and her hair was damp and it makes her hair really curly - I'll have to kiss you too now for that positive comment about my hair painting abilities lol!

I always seem to be the latecomer with my comments, must do better. This is absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you very much, Pat for that lovely comment.

Love her golden, curly locks Thea.

Thank you very much, Fiona, for your very nice comment. That's three votes for the hair now - yippee, my hair painting skills must be finally improving!

Thea you have a real style all of your own - this is superb as always

Lovely, fresh, watercolour portrait Thea.

Very nice Thea, you've done a good job with the shadow and sunlight. Love those curls!

It is absolutely lovely. It seem to have emerged from a few washes only but needs no more. Oh, how I wish I also knew when to stop with watercolours.

Your portraits seem to go from strength to strength.Nice bit of colour on the end of the nose and you achieved what you set out to.

I think you've got it just right, Thea - a mellow and subtle shift of light that brings out the softness of youth. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Wonderful light on her face, a beautiful reminder of your holiday Thea.

Gosh, I have just come back in to find a host of lovely comments - that's made my day for sure! Thank you all so much for taking the time to look and leave some feedback - it is so much appreciated.

Hi Thea - I hope a late comment is better than none, I think you've achieved everything you set out to achieve and more - and you've made it so simple it looks easy - now that's an art in itself!!

Agree with all the above. You always seem to catch the moment just right. Beautiful.

Thank you very much Debs and Fred for such positive comment - much appreciated.

The above all said it much better than I ever could, Thea: this is stunning. A beautiful, lively portrait of a very spontaneous girl. Amazing!

Lately I've been looking at photos of my two around this age and thinking shall I give it a shot. Well, this has given me the push to try it. i may not have your subtle touch, but I can't think of a better teacher. If it works out you'll see the result. If not, well I tried!

Lovely painting Thea

Don't need to say any more, do I? You've been praised to the point of egomania, and what's more - you've deserved it.

Thank you so much Mia, Tony, Glennis and Robert for such lovely comments. Tony - go for it - I shall really look forward to seeing your portraits. Robert, I can honestly say that I was right shaky about this portrait until almost the finishing brush strokes so I have been quite overwhelmed at how well received it has been and how kind people have been about it. Each portrait I do is a sortie into the unknown and quite often, about half way through, they hover perilously over the bin, but I steel myself to keep going and sometimes I surprise myself. I could never have an ego about my painting as I feel very uncertain about my abilities and what I produce. I do love doing it though and couldn't imagine life without painting now.

Tibatha is growing Thea and I see that your paintings are going from strength to strength, what a charming caption!

Hang on Studio Wall

This painting has been a bit of a technical exercise for me. I took this photo of Tabitha on the beach recently in the south of France and the sun was making patterns and shadows on her face and I wanted to see if I could capture this but I found it very tricky as I didn't want to overwhelm her baby face with too strong colours. Not sure if I have managed to pull it off? Watercolour on Langton 300lbs.

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