Old Love Letter? (Blind One Liner)

Old Love Letter? (Blind One Liner)

Poor man he dosent look too happy. Nicely drawn Thea.

Love it. Wonderfully emotional

Awww. Love lost I think, good drawing Thea.

Excellent Thea it's intriguing to look at and wonder about the contents of the letter

It's a lovely sad painting Thea.

Feeling caught with excellence in this beauty Thea

He certainly looks fed up Thea. Fascinating really that you can put across his obvious gloom with just the one line. A very good drawing but I must say, I'm not too keen on the subject matter :)

I love oneliners Thea and this is a fantastic sample of it. I must try to draw them again but feel very rusty.

Lovely Thea

Very clever Thea - what do you mean by "drawn blind"?

Thank you very much Sylvia, Diana,Carole, Dermot, Dennis, Louise, Dennis, Satu, David & Marjorie for such interesting and helpful comments - much appreciated. Louise, I know the subject is a bit gloomy for the time of year, but I spared a thought for the homeless and lonely at Christmas and this drawing seemed to fit the bill. Marjorie, a 'blind' one liner means that you only look at your reference (in this case a photo) while drawing and only look at the paper you are drawing on at the end. You have to try to make your eye and hand follow each other and link one shape with another. It is a great way to draw. Satu, I would love to see more one liners from you!

Very well portrayed Thea, love this idea of one-liners.

Went to gypsy rose Lee last week Said I want my palm read So she hit it with a spanner.. I know....old joke. No more. For a while.. Cheers.peter

I like the way you've left him completely clear and just painted the background. A lovely storytelling piece of work Thea.

Thoughtful and sorrowful Thea.

Thank you, Alan (give one liners a go!), Peter for the cryptic comment - enjoyed that one!, Val and Fiona - very kind of you all to stop by to give me some feedback.

Stunning, Thea. Very, very well done!

Great stuff Thea - what a result

You are so good with these one liners Thea

Hang on Studio Wall

This was done from a photograph and I had no idea what the rather down and out man was looking at or feeling, but it just came over to me that he was re-reading an old letter that had meant something to him, so that is how I decided to portray it. Drawn blind as a one liner in pen and wash..

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