Bee Stung Lips

Bee Stung Lips

This really made me smile (and some say I haven't got a sense of humour - can you believe that? ) Apparently some bees are having thorax enhancements - now there's a thought for a cartoon.

Aww so cute! Love the flowers too Thea. Yes you are right there are some rare sights these days with Donald Duck pouts.

WOW Thea, love the lips, stay away bee. lol.. :)

Oh dear Thea, this has got to stop, I am smiling again, what a great little painting, I can think of a few Celebs who probably wished their injections worked as well as your Bee's did:)))

Wanna Bee? Betox? Great day we'll wake up and think that this was all a dream...would make good wallpaper!

Hilarious Thea! Love it!

I thought you said you couldn't do cartoons Thea, this is really smart!

Thank you Sian, Michael, Carole, Maria, Glennis, Malcolm, Dennis, Roger K, Satu and Fiona for all your amusing comments. As I said, cartoon are not my thing at all, but I just had to have a go so that I could belong to the Buzz Club!

Hi Thea, here's the link for the

Thanks, Fiona, had a quick look and it looks fascinating. Must have a go, but need to find some glass first.

Have you got any old pictures/photo frames that have glass, or glass chopping boards. I use a piece of glass from an old picture frame with gaffer tape around the edges to make it safe to handle, and a glass chopping board. Or any perspects, Good luck!

This is one adorable bee, Thea, and gorgeous to boot! If only the celebs would look like that after surgery!

Love this Thea it's more than a cartoon, it's a work of art!

I like Roger's idea of this as a wall paper, it would brighten up any room. Good one Thea.

What a pretty little bee - even if she is full of Botox!

AS well as the luscious lips one, I like the little background bees!

Hang on Studio Wall

Inspired by seeing photos of daft celebs who have had collagen injections to make their lips look fuller (ouch!). Apparently it's called having the 'bee stung' lip look. What is the world coming to!

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