Ole! (Well, it had to be a red challenge next, didn't it!)

Ole!  (Well, it had to be a red challenge next, didn't it!)

I should have known that red would be next! We're learning something new all the time with these challenges aren't we? This red one is very nice. I love her feet, intense expression and of course the swirling red dress. Good title as well which I imagine you shouted out loud once she was finished!

Wow what life rhythm and movement and in fiery red

Nice Lady in Red.

Thank goodness, a red challenge, I'm afraid the yellow one defeated me :) This is great Thea, the pose of the dancer is spot on. I can hear her castanets and the stamp of her feet..

Thank you very much Louise, Dennis, Sylvia and Val for very 'rosy' comments (sorry!). Val, they all have their difficulties but if you can hit on a subject that suits the colour then it becomes a bit easier. A Spanish lady in a red dress is about as predictable as you can get so wasn't that tricky.

You do keep us on our toes Thea! Red isn't a favourite of mine so it will be an interesting exercise for me and of course I couldn't wait to give it a go! Love your flamenco dancer, do I detect a bit of straw blowing too!

Very good Thea! I love the dress and the shoes. Great movement and style too.

It never ceases to amaze me how you think the subjects up, well painted.

Well painted Thea, love the washes in her dress, a flamboyant flamenco !!

A great splash Thea - lovely sense of movement.

Thank you very much Christine, Satu, Glennis, Debs and Michael for all your interesting and supportive comments.

Wait a minute......what happened to the yellow challenge? I haven't done that one yet! Would it be cheating if I mix the red and yellow challenges together? Do I see a touch of splattering here also?

Lovely flouncy dress Thea, great challenge.

Wow, Thea! Full of movement and vitality! A really striking piece.

Thank you very much Fiona, Carole and Seok for such lovely comments. Fiona, anything goes so I think the thing to do is invent your own challenges and if combining the yellow and red one works for you, then go for it - you could start the challenge going off into a new direction, which would be great. And yes - there is some spattering and I blew some of the paint to suggest the movement of the dancer's dress. I can't seem to get on with straws to do the blowing, so I do it directly and pick up the paper and move it about to be able to blow the paint in the direction I want. I have to say that I am finding painting with a single colour a lot easier than trying to decide on a harmonious palette!

Everything's been said Thea, great painting and the dress is superb.

Thank you very much, Russell - that's very kind of you.

Thank you very much, Gudrun, very kind of you.

Great to see your beautiful paintings again Thea and I love the looseness of this style - red is a difficult one in watercolour but you have nailed it.

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I used a variety of reds for this one - cad red, permanent rose,carmine, cad red light, alizarin and perylene maroon but unfortunately the washes were a bit too wet and I didn't get the tonal differences that I was aiming for. However, I might do better next time now that I have worked out that you need to use less water. Reds seem to mingle and run more than some other colours - didn't know that before I did the red challenge.

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