Nice one Thea! Colourful and loose!

Thea!!!! You are back!!!! Good to see your work again. I also found Brusho very tricky to use, but great fun. This is lovely. xx

Imaginative use of clolour Thea. Nice one. Joanne Boon Thomas fan? (-: ps. There are some of her Brusho videos om Youtube....

You have used Brusho superbly Thea

I love Brusho and this has worked well. But be aware be very aware it is not LIGHTFAST . Hence the price. I sold quite a big work in it ...which faded to almost nothing. Which for me proved costly. So play and enjoy but if you get serious about ink try acrylic inks. Another thing tpyou can do with friend Brusho is to work on top of it with oil pastel. Bleach diluted will also give interesting textures.

Lovely work Thea great colours and a nice loose feel , welcome back.

Thank you very much Linda and Jennifer, for the nice comments and words of welcome - much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Jim. I have seen a couple of Joane B-T's videos on how best to use Brusho and I saw she did a cockerel and liked it, so I looked out a photo that I had of one of my daughter's chickens and had a go at that, which is this one.

Thank you so much Lynne, Dennis, Sylvia and Annette for such helpful comments and encouragement. Sylvia, I don't sell work so light-fastness has never been an issue for me. I don't intent to use Brusho a lot, - just occasionally for a bit of light-hearted play around - just to take me outside my comfort zone really.

I can see you had fun with this Thea, a beautiful vibrant work.

Very cheery

Lovely colourful piece

Thank you very much Val, Paul, Gudrun and David for such kind comments. I did do it for a bit of fun as I have been going through a rather lean period art-wise and I thought a bit of light-hearted fun might get me back on track. Not sure if it has worked yet!

And a cracking Rooster he is too Thea. Super bright colour, full of life and a fun painting!

Beautiful, vibrant work Thea.

For a bit of light hearted play this is quite a stunner - keep 'em coming Thea.

Many thanks Louise, Margaret, Michael, Dennis and Jacques for being so kind as to stop by and leave such uplifting comments - much appreciated.

Beautiful. Keep "brushoing"!

I has worked really well ! Such a bright and lively rooster!

Thank you very much Sandra and Avril for your kind comments. I am going to experiment with Brusho and bleach next - whoops - wonder how that will work!

I have never even seen Brusho colours but they look fun and you have created this gorgeous cockerel with them Thea. Beautiful drawing and well splashed paint!

This is so striking, Thea...I love his cock-a-doodle colours and his brash attitude!

Or should I say his "Brusho" attitude?!

Thank you so much Satu and Ruth for your lovely comments. Brusho is weird stuff - a powder that splits into different colours when you apply water to it. It is very hard to get the colours to go where you want them, but if you are prepared to take a risk, then it can be great fun.

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I have been having a bit of a play with Brusho and this is one of my first attempts using the medium. Up until recently I haven't really been able to see Brusho as a serious medium (mainly because it's name makes it sounds like something you would buy at Toys R Us!) but having had a go with it I found it to be tricky to work with and to control (far harder than watercolour!). This painting was done using a spray bottle, some wax resist and the only bit I painted with a brush was the red parts around the bird's face and the eye. Fun to try.

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