Mellieha Church

Mellieha Church

A painting full of energy and colour. impressive. My only comment for what it's worth is a maybe a tighter crop.

Eye-catching, Thalia. Really good composition and gorgeous vibrant colours - looks successful to me!

A lovely painting, beautiful warm tones on the buildings, a great use of colour in general. You should be pleased with it. As you asked for comments, I think Stephen's idea of a tighter crop would improve an already excellent painting...or maybe add something in the immediate foreground?

It's undoubtedly a Thalia. I might crop a little off the bare foreground but the rest is great.

It ertainly doesn’t look tight Thalia. Love the warm tones and that lovely arch leading the viewer into the painting. I think the amount of detail is spot on with enough looseness to warrant freshness and spontaneity.

I can always spot your style, Thalia. I think we are in agreement on the crop. An excellent painting nevertheless.

I think it's beautifully painted Thalia, brilliant use of colour

I know you from the colours, Thalia. Lovely view.

What a beautiful painting Thalia, the red colours are stunning. I do agree with the others about the crop.

Great tonal values Thalia.

That's super feed back as usual from all my POL friends, a huge Thank you, Stephen, Margaret, Lewis, Jim, Carole, Dawn, Russell, Cesare, Margaret and Alan. Really helpful and kind of you, I agree about the crop, this was as the original photo, I have already suggested this to my client, I was going to leave the paper on and let his framer cut it off wherever the client decided he wanted the crop to be.

That's gorgeous Thalia.

Bold colours and lots of energy, Thalia

Beautiful rich, radiant colours Thalia.

Stunning bright colours.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is one of the largest water colours I have painted. It is a commission for a local doctor. I had to order two full sheets of paper [I was very nervous about it, and needed a spare sheet in case...!!] I decided to use Arches Rough, 600lb, expensive, but worth it for it not to cockle when working wet in wet. I hate working from someone else's photograph, it had railings right through all the people's heads, which I decided to omit. I painted it as loosely as I could, but still feelunsure about it, as I feel it's much tighter than my usual work. Comments very much appreciated, thanks for looking!

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