Our Courtyard

Our Courtyard

Nice composition Thalia.

Beautiful painting, Thalia. Love your flower pieces.

Lovely stuff Thalia, you must love your plants as it shows in your paintings.

Oh dear!!! I'm known for killing them with kindness, Alan!!! It gets desperately hot in our yard, and yes, i do love them but sometimes over water them! Thank you, Michael, it was actually the only position I could manage, as it's a very tiny yard! I was trying to get the sunlight on the flowers, but it doesn't really come over very well. thanks Seth, Alan and Michael.

Very attractive Thalia.

Lovely painting your courtyard looks good, doing my window boxes and hanging baskets today, 😀

A riot of colour and texture Thalia. Sometimes wish that’s all I had, a manageable courtyard, might have time to do more art this time of year.

Thanks for the lovely comments, Sandra, Linda, and Fiona, enjoy your gardening, Fiona, but i know what you mean, we used to have a big garden, too! So time consuming, but very rewarding!

This looks so lovely Thalia.

Thank you, Margaret, I have to paint it whilst it's still there, as it doesn't last long here in the extreme summer heat...well, ususally!! Cold at the moment!!!

Again, gorgeous work Thalia.

Posted on Sun 20 May 06:12:10

tank you Ibolya, your work is also gorgeous!

How do you do it Thalia. Mine are all deceased! Great painting of these flowers.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is to show how much the lobelia is taking over! It's everywhere! I haven't been able to go out with my easel other than in our protected yard, as it's so windy. It's unbelievable weather, as you will see from the sketch I'll put on in a few minutes!!!

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