I thnk the rough paper suits well your painting style. Delightful painting Thalia. Just perfect!

Posted on Fri 05 Oct 06:37:28

Great dark/light contrast Thalia.

Yes the rough shows the texture of the walls Thalia. Such lovely strong values, lights against shadows.

Thank you for such kind comments, Ibolya, Sandra and Nancy. Really appreciate your thoughts. This is an old house in Rabat temporarily uninhabited [just hope no one'develops' it!] which is used to sell antiques and paintings in the two weeks around Easter. A percentage goes to charity.

Yes, I got the feel of antiques and an old building from your painting Thalia. Your floor application of light, tiles or stones, leads us to the warmth and bright sun outside. The top window and shutters over the door are one of my favorite parts.

I remember previous version Thalia, loved that, love this! Even without your lovely background explanation , I feel there’s a story being told here!

It's really beautiful. The composition makes me fell like I am in the room.

Both painting are beautiful, Thalia, beautiful light and shadows and good light reflections.

I love this subject matter Thalia, interiors with loads of atmosphere, lights and darks. Great job.

And it all came out just great Thalia. Great perspective, a pleasing light/dark contrast and plenty interest. Lovely work.

I agree with Ibolya. Great painting!

Posted by T H on Fri 05 Oct 09:22:29

I is well Thalia. Somehow the lights and darks are even more sumptuous on this painting.

Really lovely Ibolya. Perfect dark colours against the bright outside and the dark wooden interior pieces of furniture are perfect :)

Fabulous painting Thalia

Quite stunning Thalia.

I'm sure there are painters who can triumph over a standard paper - I prefer Bockingford to some lower-priced papers I could name, but it's not the best you can get - but they're few and far between, and a great paper will always help. And Arches is a great paper. This was an ambitious subject, that demanded the best you could throw at it - and it's worked brilliantly. Now - that's much more you than the paper you used! But even so - let's say the two of you have worked together to create a fabulous watercolour: and I CAN see the life in the darks, yes; I'd love to see the painting in the flesh, but it's pretty damn' good on screen.

This is very well painted Thalia, as has been mentioned by others, the tonal values work very well here, emphasising the light outside. I have can old video somewhere by John Yardley, with a very similar composition, let me just say, this is just as good!

Gorgeous, Thalia, the whole painting shines with light. Superb.

This is a fantastic painting Thalia. Its very much the work of a pro. Even the looseness suggests a real dab hand.

I remember this Thalia and I think you have made an excellent job of it second time around. It looks wonderful; the darks are marvellous as is the light through the doorway. Fabulous.

Lovely picture, Thalia. Lovely contrast between indoors and outdoors.

Thank you, Folks, you're really very kind comments are very much appreciated as I'm so exhausted invigilating all day every day at my exhibition. Thanks again Nancy for your second comment, really kind of you...that's what attracyed me to take the photo! Thank you Tessa, there is a story, yes! That garden looks like a Secret Garden to me! Gosh, Dawn, a kind compliment indeed! Thank you Cesare, Marjorie and Jim...you know i struggle with perspective...I'm far too slap dash!!!

Thank you Timothy, Carole, Louise, Russell and Alan. Much appreciate your kind comments. Goodness, that's such a compliment, Robert, how kind you are! Stephen...what can I say? I'm absolutely stunned by your really lovely comment...gosh! John Yardley a real hero of mine! thank you so much! thank you Willie, very kind of you to say so! That's such a kind comment, too, Michael, thank you, very sweet of you! Thank you Margaret, that's so very kind of you too!

Thank you Shirley, that was exactly what drew me to photograph it originally..I didn't get the chance to make a sketch, it was too windy to leave the door open and within seconds that special light had gone!

That's great - strong colours and atmosphere.

Superb painting Thalia! Fantastic light and attention to beautiful details!

This is absolutely stunning Thalia. I agree that photography doesn't always do justice to any painting. I'd love to see this in the flesh.

Thank you very much Maureen, Margaret, Satu and Pete, these are really kind and encouraging comments and you all are making me want to paint more interiors! I do love them anyway!

It’s beautiful, Thalia.

Very beautifully done. Excellent painting, like this.

Thank you very much indeed Ellen and Bonny for your kind comments!

Fabulous picture - I loves the iron work in the arched window 😊

Great contrasts for a great painting, Thalia.

love the light. well done.

Thank you very much, Louize, Annick, and Muriel, much appreciate your comments

Hang on Studio Wall

I have painted this before but was never entirely happy with my result. I decided to try it again on Arches Rough. Not sure whether the photo shows the luminosity of the darks which are better on this paper than on the Bockingford...anyway, I had fun sponging and messing it about, and enjoyed the whole process!

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