Life Drawing 17/1/19

Life Drawing 17/1/19

This has worked really well. If you'd not mentioned the hollyhocks, I would never have guessed you had painted this on top of something else! Love the way you have painted the face especially.

Love the movement within this Thalia.

Bold and confident Thalia. Good work.

Very clever the way you have interwoven (?) the body in the leaves, Thalia. Smashing colours too.

Thank you everyone for such encouraging comments. Margaret, his face was originally really disappointing, then i lost my temper with myself and literally threw paint at his head area and left it to dry!!! Thank you Carole, he's a brilliant model a musician and very artistic, which shines through his poses, thanks Jim, you need to see me shaking in my boots[trainers!] before the class starts!!! Thank you, Dennis and Satu you're very kind!

I think this is brilliant, juxtaposition or otherwise. Wonderful flow of colours too. Do not touch this again with any paint or anything else. Frame it.

Seen as tho you lost your will at one point with his face, it worked out beautifully. This is a really good life study.

I like the juxaposition Thalia, and the colours have formed into geometric shapes well revealing the abdominal , arms and facial features for this study!

Well there you go Thalia, juxtaposition explained in one ,naked fella sitting in hollyhocks . Smashing pic.

An excellent life drawing Thalia. the idea of Jimmy with his hollyhocks made me smile but it's actually so well painted. I've always thought that life drawing is one of the best ways of learning. Once you can paint the human figure (as you certainly can), then you can paint virtually anything. It takes skill, confidence and good observational skills and is well worth doing. Well done, super work!

Wonderfully colourful and imaginative life drawing Thalia.

Hang on Studio Wall

Now!!! Everyone knows I'm nuts! Perhaps I should put this up for the February Challenge of juxta position!! This was a life drawing from our Wednesday class, I painted Jimmy over some hollyhocks that I'd never finished. It just seemed like a good idea at the time to give him a branch in his arms!!

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