Cafe Jubilee

Cafe Jubilee

Great colour interpretation of the night Thalia.

Thank you for a very kind comment, Michael!

Fascinating painting Thalia!

Posted by Holger . on Mon 17 Sep 07:23:30

Love it, Thalia, especially the hits of darkness around the tree trunk.

Lovely contrast between the dark sky and brightly lit buildings.

Lovely night time scene 😀

Great atmosphere, well caught.

You can imagine yourself been there , a great night scene.Clever use of complimentary colours,Thalia.

Great night scene, Thalia. Love the depiction of lights.

Love the contrasting lights and darks and indeed the sky does look like a rich blue velvet Thalia. Where are the stars?

These aren't easy to get right, but you've captured it superbly well Thalia.

Beautiful contrasting colours Thalia.

Works well.

Posted by T H on Mon 17 Sep 11:41:03

Limited palette of colours works well Thalia, the painting is almost like a Notan study, which shows up the good composition and nice contrasts of lights and darks. Well done.

3 x 5 inches Thalia. Amazing. You caught the whole scene in perfect detail-less impressionist style. Great.

Love the bold sky against the buildings.

Thank you Holger, Dennis, Jennifer, Stephen, Linda, Tony, Annick, and Lewis these are really helpful comments...I hadn't even noticed some of the things you've all picked up on!

Ahhh...put out, I'm afraid, Carole by all the light pollution! Thank you, Alan, Kind of you to say that! Thanks Sandra, a kind comment! Thanks Timothy! Oh! Yes So it does, Bob, Thank you a real compliment, and your comment Jim! Thank you very much, Teresa, kind of you!

Ooh this is good Thalia, I like the night view.

Love that sky Thalia that's a great blue.

You succeeded with the night sky Thalia and it looks like a night scene.

Hang on Studio Wall

Don't do many night scenes...normally I'm asleep...I'm definitely an early bird! This is a very popular bar in Itt Tokk [the meeting place it means] I wanted to depict the hot velvet purple sky. Tiny picture again, 3x5ins!

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