Post Christmas Pantomime Act 1!

Post Christmas Pantomime Act 1!

Yes, Tessa, it does make you smile...through gritted teeth. What you've depicted so well beggars belief.

The worlds madness captured in one comic moment, if you didn't laugh it would make you weep. Nicely done.

Yes I had to laugh when I saw it on news. Great cartoon Tessa. Hope they grow up before it's too late!

Thank you Lewis, Andre and Carole. It’s all very scary!

Or "Press here for the Grand Finale" - you've captured the idiocy Tessa.

Brilliant Tessa, made me smile.

Thanks so much Marjorie and Margaret! I did think Act 2 could just be a blank page- let’s hope not! X

It certainly made me laugh in a worried way :)

Thanks Louise.:)

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You just have to laugh - before it’s too late: hope it makes you smile!

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