Beyond The Barrier (escaping my comfort zone!)

Beyond The Barrier (escaping my comfort zone!)

It's never easy working on unfamiliar subject matter Tessa, but you have applied your skills well here.

I find it hard to paint something "gritty". It usually ends up in my "style" - softness creeps in, darn it! The containers are certainly not pretty and they fit the task of " out of the comfort zone", so well done Tessa.How about using the knife instead of the brush? I tried this with my greenhouse but then finished off with the brush and the softness was back!

Thanks a lot Alan and Marjorie. You’re right Marjorie about the palette knife I’m sure. Why didn’t I think of that?! Might have to try another version....

Good for you Tessa! It’s a little daunting trying something different but you should be pleased with this outcome. Apart from succeeding with the angles and hard edges, I like the way you have only hinted at the know it’s there but it doesn’t impede the view.

Well done, Tessa - great attempt.

Well done and painted Tessa, I agree with all the other comments

Great sky as a,ways Tessa, you still managed an interesting painting, as this is unusual it makes you look through the high fence.

Thank you Fiona, Margaret, lesley and Carole for your encouragement. I wasn’t sure about the metal fence Carole so it’s just a suggestion of one really and quite tricky to do, must admit to using a ruler for some of the edges ( shock horror!).

Gosh Tessa what a great job you have made of this tricky subject. Certainly different to your normal work and you have handled it so well. We all like to stick to what we know and it's so hard to try anything different but I think we should all challenge ourselves from time to time!

Thanks so much Margaret! I felt I needed to just try something more down to earth and requiring different skills. Actually it was quite fun to do!

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In the Artist magazine this month, one of the contributors Jane Hope suggested we try stepping outside our comfort zone and seeking unfamiliar subject matter so this is my painting (7”x5”) of The local lorry park of the haulage firm Hackling's in Bourton-on-the-Water. I’ve gone for something definitely not pretty and certainly not what I would normally choose. Because the subject has mostly hard edges I’ve tried to emphasise these where I’m usually looking for softness in landscapes etc! Hope it works?

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