One Step at a Time


What a lovely free sketch Tessa. Have you seen the two faves in the bush on the left...spooky .

Haha yes, could be more than two!

Really like this Tessa - works beautifully.

Beautiful pen and wash Tessa - lovely and free, guides your eyes right through, makes me want to climb those steps.

Thanks so much Sylvia, Margaret and Anjana. Glad it works.

Great sketching, love the free 'squiggles' to depict foliage and trees etc. They do the job perfectly.

Good one Tessa

Great idea Tessa, certainly leads the viewer in one direction.

Lovely sketch, Tessa, really like pen and wash.

Faces....not faves....grrrr. There are two profiles.

Great sketch , love the pen work.

Many thanks for your kind comments, Lewis, Heather, Alan, Jenny, Sylvia (yes I worked that one out after initial confusion!) and Dixie.

Love the title, perspective and inspirational aspect of this Tessa.

Definitely leading you up that path Tessa, great drawing/painting 😀

Great sketch Tessa!

My eyes just traveled up those steps one by one. I got to the top and I kept to the left! The path certainly leads you in. A good drawing here Tessa!

Thanks so much Carole, Linda, Fiona and Louise for your lovely comments! X

I love this, it appears to capture the feel of the place...

Hang on Studio Wall

Watching Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast inspired this partly from my imagination. Pen and wash. A5.

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