COVID Autumn.


Love the colours Sylvia, certainly has the autumn look. So good to see you posting in the gallery.

Lovely to see your work! Gorgeous colours and lovely movement and marks.

Great to see your return, and love the warmth of this painting and the marks made in the foreground - you've achieved a jewel-like texture. All the best to you, after a cruel and dreadful year.

The light coming through the trees is like a stained glass window. Beautiful, Sylvia!

Beautiful sparkling light coming through gorgeous autumn colours, love it Sylvia.

Sylvia, the kaleidoscope pattern of sky and leaf colour is mesmerising. The whole painting has a jewel like quality and the textures in the foreground draw your eyes up to the main show! Good to see you painting and posting again, after such a difficult time.

A beautiful image, Sylvia. Harsh times for you, but great to see you back. In these thoroughly abnormal times, having you back on these pages add some welcome normality.

We've all missed you Sylvia. Lovely surprise to see this. I would have recognised it as yours immediately, the intricate patterns in the trees. That blue is beautiful.

Such a big thank you for looking and lovely comments . I finished this the attacked the garden with a vengeance... hopefully more flowers and paintings.

Great to see you back painting again S...

Lovely work, Sylvia.

WOW Sylvia, this is so beautiful !

It is great to see you back, Sylvia. This just jumps off the page. Gorgeous bright colours!

Lovely painting, gorgeous autumn colours.

What a lovely welcome back , thank you everyone... might paint another.

Lovely joyful painting, Sylvia.

Gorgeous colours Sylvia, and I do agree that they just ask to be painted! Welcome back. Now you’ve started, you may not be able to stop-hopefully. 🙂

Jenny, Tessa thank could be right Tessa .

Beautifully vibrant Sylvia!

Wow- love the colour

Beautiful painting Sylvia (as you can see I am doing a big catch-up).

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on gessoed board 16 “ x 16” . Actually picked up a brush , the colours this Autumn are amazing. Just had to have a go.

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