A Jacaranda or Kachnaar from the garden


This is lovely Sunil. They are such glorious trees when they are in bloom. They appear in late March and April in Spain and look incredible.

Lovely Sunil. I like the background is it applied with a sponge? Lovely colours in the flowers.

Really lovely, Sunil.

Thank you very much for your comments which are deeply appreciated. Here in India, the flowers bloom quite frequently but especially in the winter which is just now. The trees have to be trimmed constantly to keep them within a decent height. I did not want to paint a zillion leaves so to convey the effect of a garden and leaves, Yes, Carole, spot on; I used the sponge effect to give a feeling of a garden full of leaves.

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The winter season is when these beautiful flowers come out in their full glory , closely bunched to each other. I don't think i got the exact reproduction in shading, the natural glow of each petal is missing despite the gel ! The stamens were the difficult part !

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