Mountain Hut

Mountain Hut

there are some lovely colours and tones in this, but I have a real problem reading the perspective - I don't see quite how that building would work - eg, it looks somewhat sawn-off to the right, as though there had been a larger building there at one time (which of course there may well have been) and to the left the slope of the roof seems to come to a stop before the wall does, which makes you wonder what might be there.... I don't know, of course, it may well have been like that, but I think you need to use a bit of artistic licence and paint what ought to have been there, rather than what actually was on occasion, to make it believable. This does matter, because the building is the focal point of the painting = if you can't quite believe in that, then the painting as a whole isn't going to work.

Hi Sunil, I agree with Robert here, The colours are lovely and the mist hanging in the valley at the back of the hut is very well done. The perspective doesn't work though. Easy for someone else to spot ( it is one of my big problems too). If you draw an imaginary line straight down from the highest point of the roof at the front it is not central and i think it probably should be - even if one side if the roof came down lower than the other. Why not do it again? Or better still sketch it until you are completely satisfied and then transfer the angles? You have got the atmosphere so right it would be a pity not to correct the other bits. I sometimes do a painting up to 5 times ( a tad boring sometimes) and even then it isn't how i want it but at least I learn a bit on the way I think.

Hi Sunil, I agree with Rob. You have picked lovely colours, but the perspective need some work.

FANTASTIC . i really appreciate these detailed comments - how right you are. I thought it would be okay as after all on a slope, the hut is bound to be at an angle and did not look that bad but now, i shall do the corrections just before my exhibition on 5th October where i planned on showing this work. Thank you all very much. Keep the critiques flowing. thats the only way we can improve.

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painted in watercolours on Fabriano 200 gsm 9" x 12" paper. after receiving the detailed comments on the perspective, i have corrected the visual

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