Old Delhi


Beautifully caught Seok and a great figure study.

Lovely painting Seok beautiful

That is a charming painting and captures the ambience of old Delhi so well!

Terrific painting, Seok, great style

Love the hustle and bustle of this fabulous painting.

A super street scene watercolour Seok.

This complicated painting really shows off your talent, Seok. Beautifully composed too.

A gorgeous watercolour and expertly painted, a great scene with so much to study and admire, excellent!!👍

Wonderful detail perfectly captured- I love the touches of blue.

Great atmosphere in this painting, exactly how I imagine such a street scene to look. Excellent.

This is superb Seok, and you have painted it beautifully.

Amazing busy painting, Seok. Beautiful street scene.

Lots of interest in this lovely scene Seok, I can almost smell the spices!

Absolutely stunning details, you have captured the true spirit of the place.

Lovely work Seok.

Sam, this is fantastic

Even though your painting looks loose and expressive Seok, the details are so fine and intricate. A beautiful and skilful painting.

That’s really very good Seok I like your restricted palette. Great atmosphere and figures.

Oh that is lovely, Seok.

Wow!! This is fabulous Seok - you have captured the liveliness of this scene perfectly.

Absolutely stunningly good, Seok!

Beautifully captured, Seok, very atmospheric.

Oh my, this is a stunner. You've absolutely caught the business and sense of place. Fantastic.

So beautifully executed, a fine painting Seok!

A superb painting Seok.

Thanks very much, everyone!

I don't know how I missed this, it is fabulous Seok. What a painting!

Especially like the way you have skilfully caught all those tangled wires, the painting works so well in every way.

Thank you very much, Fred, Gudrun and Hilary!

Superb watercolor Seok, the figures do look amazing and depicting the old buildings of Old Delhi, symbolic and expresses its ephemoral beauty!

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Watercolor on Arches Rough Paper. Old Delhi, originally named ShahJahanabad, was the capital of the Mughal Empire in India until it's fall in 1857. Today it is part of metropolitan Delhi and serves as its symbolic heart.

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