Baber Cottage

Baber Cottage

Love the foliage and light here Seok!

I agree a lovely painting Seok

This is really lovely Seok, great composition and brillliantly painted

Absolutely charming watercolour, Seok, and the greens are just so lovely!

That looks absolutely fabulous. A friend of mine happens to be in the area. Will have to tell him how nice it is there.

This is sooo beautiful, Seok. I think (in my opinion) this is one of my favourites. Every item is painted perfectly. I am jealous!

So effective, the greens are handled so well

Really nice work Seok, the vegetation looks very tropical and I can almost feel the heat!

Your greens in the foliage are exceptional Seok, a beautiful watercolour.

Yuor master of greens.

Wonderful sunny scene. Once again - your trees stand out as being beautifully painted with lovely varying shades of green. You are so lucky to be able to visit all these wonderful places - a never ending source of subjects to paint.

As everyone has said those greens are super and I like the way you've depicted the thatched roofs. A very special watercolour.

I see you have got to grips with the greens Seok! How do you get to all these locations so often? Lovely painting, so calm and tranquil, well done.

The distance in the trees is so well painted, you really are master of greens. Delightful branches in the foreground too, a lovely composition.

Very beautiful, love the dry-brush roofs. Great foliage colours and recession Seok.

Thank you very much, everyone! Fred, I sometimes paint from my travel photos from years back. This painting was from a photo was taken about 5 or 6 years back. I don't travel all the time, even though it looks like it!:)

The trees and the cottages are lovely

Thanks so very much, Sarah and Avril!

Just beautiful Seok.

So glad to find this lovely painting of yours Seok,I havent been on the site for quite a while so I am catching up with old friends, I,ve missed your travelogue,s : )

Thank you very much, Denise and William! And William, it's good to have you back! I'm looking forward to your postings!

this is a very beautiful watercolour you have created :-) really like it :-)

Seok I have been looking through your gallery. What a joy it has been, I love this picture, beautiful colours, you are brilliant with watercolour. Thank you for your lovely comments on my pics.

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