Greater Flamingo (Acrylic approx 8" x 7")

Greater Flamingo (Acrylic approx 8" x 7")

Nice one - great colours, Bob

I wouldn’t have noticed the bill if you hadn’t mentioned it Bob, the rest of the painting sure makes up for that small’s a beauty.

Very graceful, lovely painting Bob. Love the way the flamingo is posed.

Great painting Bob. Having done something similar myself I can appreciate the challenges.

Your comments are much appreciated, thank you...Bob

Beautiful painting Bob. 🖼

Hang on Studio Wall

I don't find acrylics particularly easy to use, but I enjoy it when it goes well. The only hiccup with this bird that I could see later, was that the bill was not particularly accurate in its curvature, but I expect that the birders among you would spot that a mile away...the rest of us probably won't mind so much. The original image was sourced from the internet, but it was done a while ago, and I can't find it again to re-do the beak.....never mind, I enjoyed painting it.

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I'm an amateur artist who started to paint in watercolours about 1990, when I found that the watercolours I admired in galleries were way beyond my price range. My thinking was that in time I might be able to produce paintings that I could hang on my wall at home, and be happy with. At the…

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