February challenge ( I think )

February challenge ( I think )

It is one I'm sure Val, but I'm still a bit confused to be honest. A great idea for sure.

Clever Val. Like it.

Well I wouldn't expect to see a panda driving but there again, it is a panda car so is it a jux or no? I love your 'juxta' Val and actually, that's not a bad name for a car is it..lol

Very clever Val - I like it :)

Excellent idea Val! Is there no end to the possibilities of this challenge? I’m thinking not!

It certainly is one, Val. Lovely idea!

Thanks a lot everyone :) Just realised my panda car is breaking the law, I forgot the number plate !

Brilliant. I will see this in my mind everytime I see a "panda car". By the way where is his seat belt or is he royalty as well ?(not to mention any names.)

I confess to not understanding the challenge, Val, but I love the image. It made me smile!

I love it gave me a good laugh

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and wash. Not sure this is a juxtaposition or not !? " Juxta" quick scribble whilst waiting for my coffee to cool :)

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